Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Having a Bit Of a Tidy

Less than a month in and I have already decided it's time for a bit of a tidy.

This is largely due to the excellent look and feel of the blogs that i follow and, my desire to have a piece of that. What this means in practical terms is reading through my earlier posts, "cleaning them up" and, adding some graphic content.

Not to be a slug-a-bug, I have already started! Here's the first draft of the Alchemy logo (rendered in paint) that will also become the header and the favicon for the blog.

All-in-all i'm quite happy with the design but before I go the whole hog and put it in place it'll need some cropping and, i'll have to potentially jig the blog layout a little to account for a graphic header.

I still think it's mighty pretty for 10 minutes work though. ;0)

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