Friday, 13 July 2012

Of Hairy Feet And Shady Dealings

Those following my blog, particularly the Tunnels and Trolls fans among you may have noticed the small note that I slipped in with the posting of my first solo endeavor, instructing James Shipman to go to, hell. Stylized in the gamebook fashion of Choose Your Own Adventure books and the like.

But why?

Well, the solo in question that I posted was first published in TrollsZine#1, a free e-zine produced Tunnels and Trolls community. For the fans, by the fans and, most importantly FREE!! This didn't stop this vindictive crook trying to sell it on though.

He tried the same deal with issue 2 as well, at that point even claiming that the editor had given him the go ahead to do so. Which makes him now both a liar and a crook. Not that this was in anyway a surprise to the Tunnels and Trolls community or, would it be to anyone who runs a quick Google search of either his name or his business, Outlaw Press.

This is all old ground though. There's nothing new I can really say on the matter that hasn't already been posted a hundred times over on various blogs, forums and, websites (but please PLEASE keep posting and spreading the word). I do however need the context as the focus of this post is his latest release, Hobbit Hole#22 and, exactly what content he has actually STOLEN and where you can find it for free.

Hobbit Hole#22 is advertised as follows (I have inserted hyperlinks to where you can find the STOLEN material freely online):

The Hobbit Hole No. 22: This issue is 8-by-11 in size and 124 pages. Within this paper tome you will find-- REGULAR FEATURES: Of Hairy Feet and Taters... Editorial. T&T ARTICLES: The Role of Magic in T&T, A Monkey Throwing Stones at Monsters, A Citizen Type in T&T, Combat Ideas for T&T, My Tunnels & Trolls, Conversion: D&D to T&T, Roguery in Tunnels & Trolls, Conversion: Over The Edge to T&T, Combat Maneuvers, The History of Trollworld: A Review, All My Wonderful Dice, Spells Vs. T&T Kindred's, House Rules in T&T Deluxe Edition. SOLO/GAMING: Shady Day Delving (A GM Adventure), Wild Fun (A Fudge/T&T Cross-platform Solo), The Dark Tomb of Despair (A GM Adventure), Kamikaze Pilot (A World War II T&T Solo. Don't judge it without first reading it, as it will surprise you), Plus a T&T Plane Character Sheet. FICTION: The Adventure of Sal Kadarshe (Part 2), Monsters! Monsters!: (Slabby Shoo-Hutt). OTHER: Comics: Merkin, Bear, Map, Trollwood, Sil & Vok – In Dungeoneering #1. You will have to buy it to see just how good it is! 

In addition to the links above I also strongly suspect that the Citizen type article will be an amalgamation of a number of posts currently out there on various blogs and also Trollhalla's Outer Sanctum (undoubtedly poorly edited with all the original authors names removed).

So there you have it, four stolen articles (at the very least) and, proof that a hobbit never changes it's spots.

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