Monday, 16 July 2012

On The Cards: Monday 16th July

On the cards is going to be my weekly news bulletin that that I hope to be posting up every Monday, showcasing the posts and topics I want to be covering in the coming week.

It's by no means a "to do" list (well until I get more organized at any rate) but, if you see something in the post that you like drop me a comment and i'll try and get it out a little quicker.

On the cards this week:

Quickstart: Mijnlieff
Play Report: Mjinlieff
First Look: Claustrophobia
Review: Fluxx

There are also a couple of other items that may get posted up that I have in the works if time permits (First Look: Project Pandora, First Look: Diablo II Fast Play Edition, Homebrew: Expanding Diablo II Fast Play) but, as this week is already set to be commitment heavy (lots of odd hours at work) these may have to go on the back burner for a week or two.

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