Sunday, 29 July 2012

On The Cards: Sunday 29th July

Well, the week of the troll was a resounding success and, I feel that this blog is going from strength to strength.

Not only are we getting more views but, I'm also getting more organized. Work may still interfere (doesn't it always) with what I have planned for posting next week but, here's what I have in store for you all so far...

Tuesday: Diablo Day

A first look at the pencil and paper Diablo II roleplaying game freely available from Wizards of the Coast, comparing it to the other "pay to play" versions out there and, some of my own observations that will allow you to take it further without spending a dime.

I have seen a great deal of call for this in various forums, so I will be sharing my conversion notes in brief.

As a teaser however, I will say that given that the Diablo II fast play game was based upon the AD&D 2nd Edition release of the rules, the conversion notes make it perfectly possible to play the latter with only D6. Yup, that's right, D&D with nothing more than D6!

Also throughout the day I will be throwing in a few Diablo related Alchemy Bytes.

Thursday: Talisman Thursday

I've been finding myself more and more drawn towards Talisman of late, so Talisman Thursday will be more about my exploration of the game, than the game itself.

I'll be taking a look at the revised 4th Edition characters in the base game to see just how well they fare, exploring sources for new potential characters and, taking a gander at the rumors surrounding Relic.

Friday: Fluxx Friday

Amazingly the other night I actually met not one but, two people that were unable to wrap their heads around the concept of Fluxx, arguably one of the easiest games to learn (well beyond Tic-Tac-Toe) in the world!

As a result I will be posting up a short quickstart guide, along with a short post about customizing your game. I might even post up the "Plain English is Ambiguous" variant that the folks I ran into seemed to like to play with.

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