Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Week Of The Troll: Dark Rising

Dark Rising was my third attempt at writing a solo for Tunnels and Trolls. Despite the fact that this adventure was written as a continuation of the Blood War Of Saxon, I greatly changed the tone, to be what I considered more in keeping with the setting that I had created for the series and, the overall story I wanted to tell.

In Reflection now, I would like to go back and re-write these two short adventures into one larger solo, maybe adding a little more doom and foreboding to my earlier week to bring it up to par with what I have here. I would also probably change the flow of event somewhat too.

As well as this I would also like to complete the third installment of "The Secrets of Saxon" that is until further notice, on-hold.

As with my previous posting, feel free to copy, paste and, print this adventure out for your own personal use and, of course feel free to pass it on if you wish. All I would ask is that you don't charge. I wrote this adventure as a freebie and, that's how I would like to keep it.  

Rules of Play

This short solo adventure for Tunnels and Trolls is suitable for a character of levels 2-4 with no more than 50 adds, set in the World of Kaball (i.e. Trollworld). There is no magic matrix, so spell-casters will have to adjudicate the effects of their spells for themselves.


Several hundred years ago, the houses of Furrier and Slavin were united as the house of Saxon. This ancestral house was rich and bountiful and its masters were lords of the land they now farm as mere peasants. Stories tell of a great darkness that fell upon the Saxons, unseating its lords from their positions of power and laying ruin to all that they once held dear. Although this evil was finally defeated, the cost was heavy for the Saxon bloodline which was split into two warring factions. A recent settling of old feuds between the estranged bloodlines has been marred by rumors of an old foe reawakened…
Once again the villagers of Saxon are seeking a savior and they have called upon you for aid. They are concerned by strange lights, seen hovering in the night sky, above the ruins of the old Saxon manor. Knowing that any search will only be successful after dark, the villagers arrange for a farm hand to escort you to the base of the hill upon which the ruined building lies.
You arrive at dusk and your guide is only too eager to leave for fear of what you may find. As consolation for his cowardice he offers you his lantern and enough food to last you a day. As he leaves, you look up at the steep climb that awaits you. The bank of the hill is heavily wooded for as far as you can see and you will have to work hard to make the summit before dark. Making out a hack path through the undergrowth you begin your climb, go to 12.

You arrive at a junction in the corridor. The water is still waist-high here. Exits lead off in three directions.

If you wish to travel north, go to 49.
If you wish to travel, southwest, go to 17.
If you wish to travel, southeast, go to 30.

You are in a corridor that slopes upwards, on a shallow incline, with exits to both the north and south.

If you wish to travel north, go to 53.
If you wish to travel south, go to 44.

Small rats scuttle around this cave but they run for cover as you enter, crawling into small holes that they have worked into the stone walls. Piercing red eyes glare at you from these refuges, as they wait for you to pass. Looking around you, large stones hang from the roof and jut from the ground but a quick search of the area turns up nothing. The only exits from this cave are to the north and south.

If you wish to travel north, go to 21.
If you wish to travel south, go to 10.

Traveling west, the corridor takes a gentle turn to the left after 20 feet, and evens out into a corridor that has been shaped with some care. There are intricate carvings depicting a great battle between men and some otherworldly creatures that are vaguely disquieting. The finish is flawless and clearly the work of a master craftsman. The corridor it ends in a fork and to the south west you can hear the sounds of low moans; to the south east you can hear rhythmic chanting. Your light will not penetrate far enough to see the source of the sounds that echo through the empty corridor.

If you wish to investigate the south-western corridor, go to 51.
If you wish to investigate the south-eastern corridor, go to 55.

Cautiously you root through the remains but find nothing of any value. You decide not to desecrate this place any further. You leave the cavern and return to the junction; go to 47.

The path carries on for a short distance before becoming much rockier. Eventually you find that you are walking along worn cobblestones that have been smoothed and polished to a fine finish. Within minutes you can see the ruins at the summit of the hill along the horizon and, spurred on by this, you pick up the pace. After 10 minutes of travel you find yourself at the remains of a great stone bridge that traverses a fast flowing stream. Heavy rubble from the bridge has settled on the bed of the stream, forming makeshift stepping-stones. The water crashes against these stones before lapping over the edge of a steep stone cliff in the hillside.

You will have to hop across the stones to reach the other side of the water and reach the summit. Make a L2-SR on DEX. If you make the SR, go to 22. If you miss the SR, go to 28.

Choosing to leave the cave before anything else happens to hamper your progress, you return to the junction; go to 1.

The corridor is bare and rough-cut. Your foot occasionally catches a pile of loose stones and sends them forward through the air. The sound seems to resonate forever. After 30 feet the corridor takes a sharp turn to your left before tapering slightly back to the right again and ending in a large cavern. Your lantern catches a stir in the darkness that is too large to be a rat or bug. Ever vigilant you ready your weapon as you cast your light upon the source. Two humanoid creatures are shambling toward you with arms outstretched and empty expressions upon their faces.

If you would like to attack the creatures, go to 15.
If you would rather return to the entrance and choose another tunnel, go to 53.

Make a L2-SR on LK. If you make the SR, go to 25. If you miss the SR, go to 14.

You are at a curve in the corridor. To the north you can hear the sounds of movement along the stone floor but without further investigation, you cannot determine the source.

If you wish to travel north, go to 40.
If you would rather travel east, go to 44.

Turning to face you, the figure pulls back his cowl, revealing the face of a bald man of considerable age. “So, you have finally arrived. The villagers are as predictable as ever; sending a savior to absolve them of their fears… Still, you shall offer me some entertainment and that is a rare pleasure these days.” The man then produces a dagger from his belt and lunges at you.

Cultist: MR 25, 1/1 Spite damage.

If you defeat the cultist, go to 54.

After a short walk up the steep incline you notice a small clearing in the wooded area to your right. A rough dirt trail leads onward and then turns off to your left. If you wish to investigate the clearing, go to 23.

If you would rather carry on along the path, go to 29.

Make a L2-SR on LK. If you make the SR, go to 5. If you miss the SR, go to 18.

As you emerge from the pond you discover several leeches have latched on to you in the dirty water and are happily gorging themselves on your flesh. Already exhausted from the trudge through the bog, you sense that you can ill-afford to lose the blood to these parasites. You resolve to remove them immediately, even though detaching a feeding leech is always painful. Gritting your teeth you let out a low growl as you tear them off, one by one. Take 1d6 spite damage for the blood loss and pain and then go to 25.

Weapon in hand you lunge at the zombies and engage them in combat.

2 Zombies: MR 18 each
2/Zombie Plague: Make a L1-SR on CON or you become infected. You lose 1 CON with each new paragraph you enter whilst infected (or each combat round fought) until magically cured. If you die of the plague you become a zombie with a MR equal to your STR.

Make a note on an index card of this creature and the paragraph you were defeated at. The next player to enter that paragraph will encounter this zombie.

If you defeat the zombies, go to 24.

Wiping the thick, foul smelling blood of the beast away off your weapon and onto a clump of grass, you take a look over at your fallen enemy. A strange sight confronts you. It troubles you that even without the wounds you inflicted, the creature looks as if it has been dead for many months. Deciding that you don’t want to wait to see what other horrors are lurking in the trees, you carry on along the dirt path. You are happy to find yourself back in the warming dusk light at the other side of the small wood, go to 6.

You are in a corridor that curves in a u-shape around a loose bend.

If you wish to take the north-western exit, go to 44.
If you wish to take the north-eastern exit, go to 1.

As you search through the bodies, several carrion flies rest upon your skin and begin to feed. Tiny, needle-like mouthparts pierce into your skin as they suckle at your blood causing you to yelp as you swat them away. Make a L2-SR on CON. If you miss the SR you have been infected with carrion rot.

Carrion Rot: Make a L2-SR on CON each day. If you miss the SR reduce your CHR permanently by one for wounds that weep thick white pus. If you make the SR three days in a row you have overcome the illness. This illness can also be magically cured. If your CHR reaches zero you will be considered an outcast from society and may only socially interact with those that have similar illnesses.

Either way, return along the corridor to the junction, go to 47.

As you enter the cave some figures begin to lurch toward you from the shadows. Readying your weapon, you wait for them to enter your lantern light. As shamble in closer you catch sight of two gaunt and rotted faces. Their teeth are yellowed with age and the clothes they wear are ill fitting and torn, hanging off them like the loose flesh on their bones. You must fight them.

2 Zombies: MR 18 each
2/Zombie Plague: Make a L1-SR on CON or you become infected. You lose 1 CON with each new paragraph you enter whilst infected (or each combat round fought) until magically cured. If you die of the plague you become a zombie with a MR equal to your STR. Make a note on an index card of this creature and the paragraph you were defeated at. The next player to enter that paragraph will encounter this zombie.

If you defeat the zombies you may leave the cavern either through the exit in the north, go to 21 or, you may leave through the southern corridor, go to 10.

Deciding to try your luck with the other path, you pull back the undergrowth and reeds and make your way carefully along the unbeaten path. It is not long before you realize why people choose not to travel along this route when you find yourself wading through bog-land that slows your progress to a crawl. You are just about to turn back when you see a small patch of solid earth ahead of you. It is by the bank of the pond that must have flooded this part of the hill. After a few minutes of struggling you find the earth become firm at your feet and not long after, you are back on solid ground beside the pond, go to 9.

You are in a corridor that runs both north and south. To the south you can hear footsteps.

If you wish to go north, go to 47.
If you wish to go south, go to 40.

With three great leaps you cross the stones with little difficulty and land gracefully on the bank at the other side of the stream. The cobbled path continues on into the distance, leading toward the ruined building that you were sent here to investigate. The last of the daylight seeps below the horizon. Sensing that nightfall cannot be far away, you continue on your journey and after only a short time you find yourself before the remains of the great house of Saxon. A river flows to the west toward the broken bridge that you crossed earlier. It drives a waterwheel that has seen better days, squeaking loudly with every rotation. The house itself is little more than a pile of large stones around smashed pillars. These pillars must once have stood over 25 feet tall, but nature has reclaimed them with green tangle of moss and vine.

Approaching the splintered and rotted timber that was once the door, you pause at the sound of a heavy metal clunk. The sound becomes louder and from inside the ruins you see two armored figures approach. They wear tabards that look knightly but are from no order you recognize, and their cloaks, of a rich purple hue, are tattered and torn. The night’s-breeze sends their cloaks billowing up into the air as they stalk wordlessly toward you; their heavy plating crashing on the stone path. Drawing closer, they unsheathe their large swords and you answer by baring your own blade. Battle is joined!

2 Undead Knights: CON 25 each.
Each Knight fights with a Hand and a Half Sword doing 5 dice and has 13 adds. Their armor protects them from 7 hits each round. Concentrate your attack and any damage on one of them until he falls. They both attack you each round until they are destroyed.

If you defeat the Knights, award yourself 200 AP and go to 34.

Upon entering the clearing, you notice that it is eerily quiet. There is no bird song and the air is still, but a foul smell catches your nostrils and makes you retch. It is then that you set eyes upon the remains of what you guess is a deer. It is hard to be certain however, as the remains have been so badly mutilated. Suddenly a sound breaks the calm. It is the hoarse caw of a crow, closely followed by another, and another, until the air is alive with squawks resounding across the glade. A serenade of flapping wings soon follows as a murder of crows come crashing from the trees towards you. You must defend yourself.

Crows: MR 35.
Special Rules: The crows are swift and hard to hit. For every combat round you win you must make a L1-SR on DEX or they receive no damage.

When you have reduced the crows MR to 15 or less, go to 33.

Wiping the blood and pus away from your weapon, you make a search of the cave. There are no exits other than the way you entered but among the debris you find a small copper ring in a rough wool pouch. The ring is inscribed with the image of a skull inlaid with black ink and has been highly polished. This ring is a ‘Ward against Undead’. Whilst worn, the MR of any undead creature you face is halved. The ring weighs 1WU and has a value of 750 G.P. With your lucky find in hand you return to the entrance to choose another path, go to 53.

Shaking off the muck from the bog, you take stock of your new surroundings. Water cascades down a rock face to the north, and into a good sized pond. The water shimmers with gold as the last of the daylight spangles its surface. The grass here is much greener than that further down the hill and you suspect that this place is not often visited.

If you would like to rest here before carrying on, go to 43.
If you would rather carry on without resting, go to 31.

Movement in the water is difficult and slow, and chills you to the bone. Pushing on you raise your lantern above the water and discover an exit in the south wall of the large flooded cavern. The water flows through this opening and shows no sign of relenting. Dry land beckons to you from the north.

If you wish to continue along in the water to southern cavern, go to 49.
If you would rather head north toward dry land, go to 53.

After traveling for 20 feet you hear a rustling in the leaves above, that catches you off-guard and startles you. Up until this point, the wood had been unnaturally calm, and so you drag your sword hurriedly from its sheath and stand waiting to see what will happen next. Aberrations bound from the trees around you, confirming that the noise you heard was anything but the wind. In a blur, oddly warped creatures crash through the underbrush. One misshapen creature leaps to within an inch of your face, and you spring back violently as it swings a paw through empty air occupied by your throat a split second ago. The thing is unlike anything you have ever seen; loose stitching holds the arms of a bear and the legs of a deer on to what was once a man’s body. The fur is matted with blood and the smell of rot is heavy in the air. As the creature crouches to pounce once again, you seize the opportunity to counter-attack.

Mutant Man-bear: MR 40
3/Bear Hug: The creature grasps you in its powerful arms and bites down upon your neck as it claws at your back. Make a L2-SR on STR to break free or take 2 points of spite damage. You may not attack the creature again until you break free.
Special Rules: The Mutant Man-bear leaps and bounds with great speed. For every combat round you win you must make a L2-SR on DEX or it dodges your blow and receives no damage.

If you defeat the Mutant Man-bear, award yourself an additional 100 AP and, go to 16.

If you have been sent to this paragraph before, go to 38. If not please read on.

Mustering all of your agility, you nimbly leap to the first stone with no difficulty, but as you lurch for the second, you misjudge the distance and land badly. Teetering on the edge of a fall, you fight to keep your balance. A second later you plunge into the icy water and are carried down-stream and over the cliff edge, at great speed.

As you slam against the stony rock-face, you gash a deep cut into the flesh of your arm. Take 3 points of damage. Luckily however, your fall is broken by the plunge-pool at the base of the rock face and, bleeding profusely, you begin your swim to shore. Just feet from the bank you feel a tug at your leg, as something wraps around your limb. This is soon followed by some sort of cord, snaking around your other leg. Trying to pull yourself free, you turn to find that you are caught in the tentacles of a small but menacing looking squid that is slowly pulling you toward its beak-like maw. Drawing your weapon, you prepare to fight for your life.

Squid: MR 30
1/Tentacle: The squid has wrapped another of its tentacles around you. Halve your personal adds for the rest of this fight. The squid may do this up to four times and the effect is cumulative.
Special Rules: Unless you are fighting with a dagger or spear, the resistance of the water reduces your hit point total by half each combat round.

If you defeat the Squid, award yourself an additional 75 AP and, go to 46.

A little further along the path, you catch sight of an overgrown trail to your right. Reeds and underbrush grow thickly here in the shadow of the trees but the trail appears to lead directly up the spine of the hill.

If you would like to carry on along the path you are on, go to 42.
If you would like to take the other path to your right, go to 20.

The short corridor bends to the left and after a few feet, ends in a small chamber with no exits other than the one through which you entered. Looking around with the aid of your lantern, you can see nothing striking or special about this dusty room.

If you wish to search the cave, go to 41.
If you would rather return to the junction, go to 1.

North of clearing you find another trail that winds up and around the hill offering a gentle and easy climb: go to 6.

With your only source of light gone, it is not long before you are lost in the complex cave system beneath the hill. Accepting the inevitable, you draw your weapon and ready to sell your life dearly. It is not long before grasping hands drag you off your perch, knocking your blade from your hands bringing your adventure to a premature and sticky end.

The End.

Just as quickly as they had arrived, the remaining crows disperse into the air noisily, leaving you to take stock of the scene around you. You are surprised and sickened to see that the bodies of the dead birds are already writhing with maggots, as if they had been dead for days and not minutes. Finding nothing of interest in the clearing, you decide to move on up the hill, go to 29.

The knights fight well until the bitter end, but one by one they fall to your superior martial skills, bursting with a cloud of dust as they hit the ground. After the battle you regain your composure and are surprised by what you find when you inspect your fallen enemies. The weapons that had been keen and deadly throughout your battle are now no more than rusted pieces of old iron. Upon lifting the visors on their equally worn helms, you find nothing more inside than dust and ash, just like that which filled the air when you slew them. Finding nothing of value amongst the remains, you continue on your way and enter the ruins. After a quick search you uncover a hole that has been freshly burrowed, leading into a cave below. Strange sounds emanate from the depths, and so you lower yourself down the makeshift wooden ladder lashed to the side of the pit, reasoning that the source of the lights must be somewhere in the darkness at your feet; go to 53.

You are able to scale the hillside with no difficulty, using the rocks as both hand and foot holds to aid your climb. When you reach the top, you pull yourself up over the edge of the cliff and find that the trail continues on, into a densely wooded area. The canopy of the trees offers very poor visibility. The shadows beneath the branches are broken up by rare beams of sunlight illuminating patches of moist earth glistening with dew.

If you wish to continue into the wooded area, go to 27.
If you wish to return back to the other path and take that one instead, go to 20.

Your fight to break free disturbs more of the rocks that formed a makeshift seal over the sinkhole and in the panic you drop your lantern, which is promptly swept away. Pulling away, you throw yourself to the cave wall.

If you have another source of light, go to 7.
If not, go to 32.

The further you travel along the corridor, the stronger the smell of decay becomes, until it is almost choking you. Holding a hand over your nose and mouth, you continue on to the end of the corridor that opens out into a small cave. There, a grisly sight greets your eyes. A mix of limbs and carcasses litter the floor nestling amongst a scattering of old bones. Some of the remains look decidedly humanoid and carrion flies swarm this place.

If you wish to search the cavern, go to 13.
If not you may return to the junction, go to 47.

Slipping upon the same stone again you go crashing into the stream and are swept over the edge of the cliff toward the plunge-pool below. Pushing yourself clear of the rock face you manage to avoid any further injury from the jagged surface and land with a degree of grace in the water before swimming back to the bank

Guessing that the only way forward is over those stones, you drain the excess water from your clothes and return to the broken bridge to try again, go to 6.

After a few feet the tunnel winds around to the left and begins to dip until you are making your way carefully down a steep slope. Footing is difficult but you manage to maintain your balance as you accidentally kick the occasional stone, sending it hurtling into the gloom below at great speed, ending in a dull plop. After 30 feet the slope ends in a pool of water and beyond that a flooded corridor. Wading in, you find that the water is only waist high and there is a cavern ahead of you.

If you wish to return to the entrance and choose another direction, go to 53.
If you wish to carry on into the flooded cavern, go to 26.

Roll 1d6.

If you roll a 1, go to 3.
If you roll a 2 or 3, go to 19.
If you roll a 4, 5 or, 6 go to 45.

Your search of the cave turns up nothing of interest and so you decide to return to the junction to continue with your quest. As you are exiting you feel a tug beneath the water followed by a powerful suction that threatens to pull you under. By a freak accident you have kicked aside a rock that was keeping a sinkhole stable.

Make a L1-SR on LK. If you make the SR, go to 7. If you miss the SR, go to 36.

Continuing along the path, you soon find yourself at a rocky incline that you cannot see beyond. The rocks that jut from the hillside have been worn to a smooth surface and are firmly rooted into the solid earth.

If you would like to continue along the path and climb the hill face, go to 35.
If you would rather turn back and carry on along the other path you found, go to 20.

Settling down on the grass you take the weight off your feet and break out the food that your guide had given you earlier in the day. Feasting upon the bread and cheese you feel rested. Recover up to 4 lost points of CON. After half an hour you decide that you had better carry on with your journey if you are to make the summit in good time, go to 31.

The cavern you have entered boasts a shallow depression in the center and a small pool of water has collected here. Around the pool small lizards lounge uninterested in your presence. Vines hang limply from tree roots that have pierced through the stone roof and moist earth covers the floor. There are three exits leading from this chamber.

If you wish to take the northern exit, go to 2.
If you take the southern exit, go to 17.
If you take the exit to the west, go to 10.

As you enter this cavern, there is an ominous rattle, followed by a hollow thud, that reveals the flickering shadow of something man-like cast by your lantern on to the cave wall. As the shape moves, a tell-tale scraping rasps through the dust-laden air and the shadow draws a weapon. You ready yours in answer and a fleshless skeleton lurches into your lantern0light, its bony feet scraping on the cold stone floor. You must fight the skeleton.

Skeleton: MR 18
Special Rules: Bladed and pointed weapons other than axes cause only half damage to skeletons. The skeleton fights with a gladius instead of its claws, always rolling 3 dice and giving it an additional 2 adds.

If you win the battle award yourself an additional 20 AP and, you may leave either to the north, go to 21 or, to the south, go to 10.

Head reeling from the stink of the squid, you pull yourself up out of the dank pond. Behind you, you leave a cloud of green blood spreads across the surface of the water; all that remains of your monstrous foe. Resting for a moment to catch your breath you realize that the only way that you are going to reach the summit and the ruins are if you manage to cross the stream. Ringing water from your clothing you head north toward the broken bridge again, go to 6.

You walk down a passage that turns gently to the right, before ending in a junction. From here you can see three separate passages leading in various directions, though the smell of rot hangs in the air, stealing your breath. Steeling yourself, you listen carefully and hear the faint sound of movements from the southern passage and, sniffing the air you determine that the foul smell is emanating from the south-eastern tunnel. Footprints in the dust lead west-wards revealing some recent activity but it is hard to say when the tracks were made, or by whom.

If you wish to return north, go to 1.
If you wish to travel west, go to 4.
If you wish to travel south, go to 21.
If you wish to travel down the south eastern corridor, go to 37.

With your enemies slain, you eagerly search through the piles of coins, jewels and items to determine what you would like take with you, for there is far too much to carry it all. In the cave you find the following:

639 Gold coins
520 Silver coins
1002 Copper coins
1 Mithril Ingot (1000 G.P., 10 WU)
A Pouch of Small Jewels (100 G.P., 5 WU)
125 Gold Rings (5 G.P., 2 WU each)
57 Silver Rings (2 G.P., 2 WU each)
Herbal Elixir (500 G.P., 5 WU, Restores all lost CON and removes any effects from illness)
Ring of Strength (100 G.P., 2WU, +1 STR whilst worn)

Once you have chosen what you would like to take, you decide to investigate the other fork in an attempt to resolve the mystery of the chanting and hopefully uncover the source of the lights that have been sighted over the ruins, go to 55.

A small thermal vent at the edge of this cavern lends some warmth to the water, but the smell of sulphur nauseates you. The cave itself is otherwise unremarkable and there is an exit in both the north and south walls. Suddenly something darts past your legs faster than your eyes can follow, and it is not alone. The movements gather in pace and frequency until they are swarming you. Beneath the surface you catch sight of several small fish with golden scales. One of them nips at you but does not draw blood. It is then you realize that you have wandered into a pool of snapping piranhas! You must fight them or be eaten alive.

Piranhas: MR 1d6*5
Special Rules: Unless you are fighting with a dagger or spear the resistance of the water reduces your hit point total by half each combat round. The swarm is also hard to hit, for every combat round you win you must make a L1-SR on DEX or they receive no damage.

If you win the fight award yourself an additional 10 AP for each 5 MR the piranhas had at the start of combat and then choose either, to go north, go to 26 or, south, go to 1.

Your last blow thunders down on the skull of the foul creature, cracking it open. As it falls to the ground, it is quite clear that it is truly defeated. To be sure you prod it but its lifeless body stirs no more. You then set your sights on the altar and search carefully through the various ritual implements. It is the work of a moment to find a piece of parchment with a broken wax seal. Reading it reveals that this man was instructed to set the lights at night, though by whom and for what purpose cannot be divined from this scrap of parchment. You thrust the letter into a pocket and trudge back toward the village to tell them of your findings.

Reward yourself 250 AP for completing your adventure and an additional 100 AP for defeating the necrolite.

The End.

The craftsmanship of the corridor is far worse than the one that lead you here. It is rough and supported poorly by timber beams that show signs of damp and decay. Pushing at them to test their strength you are satisfied that they are not completely rotten and you continue on till you arrive at the entrance to a small cavern. Your eyes light up as you cast your lantern beam inside. The small cave is loaded from wall to wall with riches and treasures beyond the dreams of avarice. You are so surprised by your find that you do not immediately notice the four corpses that stir amongst the gold. Pulling themselves up to their feet they approach you, already salivating at the thought of your flesh. If you want the loot, you will have to fight off these undead guards.

4 Zombies: MR 18 each.
2/Zombie Plague: Make a L1-SR on CON or you become infected. You lose 1 CON with each new paragraph you enter whilst infected (or each combat round fought) until magically cured. If you die of the plague you become a zombie with a MR equal to your STR.

Make a note on an index card of this creature and the paragraph you were defeated at. The next player to enter that paragraph will encounter this zombie.

If you defeat the zombies, go to 48 and collect your reward.

The next adventurer to reach the cultist will instead have to fight your zombie before fighting the necrolite. The zombie will have a MR equal to your strength. If this is zero due to your battle with the necrolite there will be no zombie and they should fight the necrolite immediately. If more than one adventurer has fallen here the number of zombies encountered is cumulative. All zombies also have the following special ability:

2/Zombie Plague: Make a L1-SR on CON or you become infected. You lose 1 CON with each new paragraph you enter whilst infected (or each combat round fought) until magically cured. If you die of the plague you become a zombie with a MR equal to your STR. Make a note on an index card of this creature and the paragraph you were defeated at. The next player to enter that paragraph will encounter this zombie.

The End.

As your feet meet the ground, you waste no time in lighting your lantern to examine what is at the heart of the pit you have entered. As you cast the light around it catches upon small beetles, causing them to scuttle back into the shadows. More disturbing still, are the cobwebbed bones and rotten remains among the rubble and dust of the cold stone floor. Four tunnels lead away from this chamber but there seems nothing to guide your choice, as they all look equally unwelcoming.

If you take the corridor to the west, go to 8.
If you take the corridor to the southwest, go to 39.
If you take the corridor to the southeast, go to 47.
If you take the corridor to the east, go to 2.

Coughing up blood the man keels over on to the floor. “Thank you my friend, you were the last piece in the masters’ puzzle and, now… You have served… Your… Purpose…” With a last gasp of breath the man falls silent and the room begins to shake. The flesh on his limp bones begins to bulge and ripple, expanding till it is ripping through his clothing in great undulations. Laughing with the pain the man pulls himself to his feet and once again as his skin grays and his eyes become hollow and black. His hands lengthen into razor sharp claws and he sets once more towards you as wings sprout from his back and slick black oil sheens from his open wounds.

Necrolite: MR 60.
Special Attacks: 
2/TTYF! The necrolite casts a Take That You Fiend! spell causing 15 damage and reducing its MR by the same amount. It attacks with a WIZ of half its MR.
3/Necrosis: The necrolite’s dark powers feed off of your soul to replenish its own life force. Reduce all attributes by 1 permanently and restore up to that much lost MR from the necrolite.

If you defeat the necrolite, go to 50.
If you are defeated by the necrolite, go to 52.

As you get closer the words of the chant becomes audible, although you are unsure of the language. Stepping carefully along the loose stones, so as to not to alert those ahead, you sneak along the corridor. As you reach the entrance to a large well chamber you are amazed to see a small sanctum in all its grandeur. Embers glow with a low light at either side of a polished altar space that has been covered with fine red silk embroidered with gold braiding. Kneeling before the altar, a lone figure in a cowl chants, raising its hands in the air as it swings back and forth in the throes of a ritual trance. Seizing the opportunity you draw your weapon and approach but before you can close, you are spotted, go to 11.


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