Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Week Of The Troll: More Free Stuff!!

From the outset of the week of the troll I promised freebies and boy do I ever plan to deliver.

So far we've had a free copy of the rules, a couple of free solo adventures and, a bunch of new playable character types. A good showing admittedly but, hardly the treasure trove that I painted the picture of in my earlier posts..

So here comes the cavalcade!

A gaming explosion is about to go off. So brace yourself, sit tight, read on and, enjoy the show.

Free Solos

Barony of Sanris by Patrick Witmer.
Buffalo Castle by Rick Loomis.
Dargon's Dungeon by Bill Hart. Rewritten by Liz Danforth, Pat Mueller, Paul O'Conner and, Michael Stackpole.
Dark Side of the Desert by Patrick Witmer.
Hela's House of Dark Delights by Peter Lewerin.
Khost by Ken St Andre.
Labyrinth by Lee Russell.
Old Dwarf Mine by Roy Cram and Ken St Andre.
No Rest for the Weary at War by Patrick Witmer.
Queen Scorpions and Lady Nymphs by Tori Berquist.
Sorcerer Solitaire by Walker Vaning.
The Eye of the Serpent by A.R. Holmes.
The Sunk of Tarsus by Tori Berquist.

Sites Well Worth Checking Out

Gristlegrim: The ever changing fortress in the sky, home of the Trollgod himself and, the graveyard for countless adventurers.
Hog Tunnels: An excellent site that contains a lot interesting items as well as being the home of Tunnel Quest, a lite gaming system built around Tunnels & Trolls.
JongJungBu's Tunnels and Trolls 5th Edition Gathering and Paraphernalia (JJB's TnT 5e GAP): A site housing three downloadable solo adventures as well as some excellent house rules.
The Dark Isles: A complete campaign setting ready prepared for use with Tunnels & Trolls.
The Lone Delver: An excellent gaming blog looking at many interesting facets of Tunnels & Trolls. Highly recomended and well worth a look.
The Tunnels and Trolls Archive: A site offering three solo adventures and a number of other articles relating to the roleplaying game.
The Vital Spot: A collection of nicely presented Tunnels & Trolls articles as well as some aditional magic items and, GM adventures.
Trollgod's Trollhalla: A free to join membership only club created by Ken St Andre, author of the Tunnels & Trolls roleplaying game. Now with an added blog. Well worth checking out.
Tunnels and An excellent website that showcases a number of great products and is constantly updated with new information. A must see.
Tunnels of the Trollamancer: My own website. It's not been updated for sometime but remains the home for a wealth of Tunnels and Trolls materials, including another site archived within it!
Vin Ahr Vin's Trollbridge: An active forum that discusses all elements of the game as well as hosting several play-by-post games.

Free Zines


TrollsZine #1
TrollsZine #2
TrollsZine #3
TrollsZine #4
TrollsZine #5


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