Monday, 23 July 2012

Week Of The Troll: Quickstart Freebie

In what probably would have made more sense being the first post in the "Week Of The Troll", lets take a look at yet another excellent Tunnels and Trolls freebie.

For those of you familiar with quickstart rule sets, you will know that they only tend to give you the bare minimum. Pre-generated player characters, a short scenario and, the rules to run it. Whilst this is great for introducing new players, you can often feel pigeon holed in your choices and, you'll almost certainly need to look up some rule that they neglected to include. Just great huh?

So is this post just offering more of the same?

Not in the week of the troll!

Check this beauty out.

That's right. The Tunnels and Trolls quickstart comes with several playable kindreds, a host of weapons, 11 out of the 20 spell levels listed, armor is covered, as is combat and, how to do everything else and more besides.

Not bad for a freebie, right?

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