Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Fluxx Ups #1: Non-Creeper Feature

If there is one thing I love, it's a game that you can play with.

Not playing but, playing with. A game that really lets you dig into and make it your own the way roleplaying games encourage you to.

That's the way I see Fluxx.

With every set having identical backs, regardless of edition and handfuls of promotional cards, I can't help but see it as an ideal candidate for home brewing.

Which is what "Fluxx Ups" is all about. Taking bits out, putting bits in, and, seeing what happens.

For today's experiment I decided to take Martian Fluxx and see what happened if I stripped a deck of all of it's Creepers and, all of the cards that related to them (Actions, Goals, Rules etc). I had seen this written as a suggestion for easing in new players in another version. Zombie Fluxx I think But, what actual difference does removing the Creepers make?

It has to be said, not a lot.

I dropped 13 Creepers, 3 Actions, 2 New Rules, 6 Goals and, an Ungoal card and I didn't find that the game played that much differently at all. The only real change I noticed was that without Creepers the game is much more friendly.

Sure, you can still steal Keepers from one another, trash them occasionally and manipulate the Goals and New Rules to your advantage but, there is none of the negative impact of throwing a Creeper in front of someone just so that they can't win. In my book, that's just poor sportsmanship.

So it would seem that the impact of removing creepers is less a change in play but, more a change in the meta-game. A very positive one at that! So, if you're going to play Fluxx with younger audiences this is definitely something to consider doing.

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