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Whilst reading through the blogs that I follow the other day, a particular post caught my attention.

It was for a contest over at Tenkar's Tavern (which is a great blog by the way and well worth paying a visit). The idea of the contest was to design a new 0-level occupation for DCC by Goodman Games. I personally jumped in as entry number three but I don't think that anyone could have anticipated the sheer volume that would be submitted. 133 in all.

So, as you can imagine, I am extremely chuffed with having won a prize. Two prizes in fact!

For my winning entry I submitted the "Goblinoid Dungeon Janitor", armed with his broom and, a sack for collecting the trash discarded by careless adventurers (in addition to any loot that they fail to spot). This entry was in no small part inspired by the humor prevalent in Tunnels and Trolls, which has taught me to approach character design with more than a little whimsy and a tongue in my cheek.

So, I feel I would be amiss if I didn't translate the idea from one system to the other. May I present Dumfangg, Dungeon Janitor and, yup, with a name like that he's a Goblin! He also struck REALLY lucky with his dice rolls...

Name: Dumfangg.
Kindred: Goblin.
Type: Citizen (Janitor).
Level: 2

Strength: (27 TARO) 21
Constitution: (17) 13
Dexterity: (24 TARO) 36
Speed: 11
Intelligence: 9
Wizardry: 12
Luck: 14
Charisma: (13) 7

Combat Adds: +35
Missile Adds:  +59

Broom (3+0, 6+0 against things of a mucky nature such as slime and ooze)

Regulation uniform of the Janitor's guild (3 hits, full body).

Other Items:
A large sack of trash (contains discarded items with a combined value of 24D6 GP). Assorted cleaning products and dirty rags.

Spick N' Span (DEX+5): Dumfangg can clean anything up in record time.
Those Hard to Reach Places (DEX+2): In the pursuit of a pristine dungeon, Dumfangg has become accustomed to getting into (and out of) those
tight spots.

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