Monday, 6 August 2012

On The Cards: Monday 6th August

Blogging is certainly a learning curve and, the lesson that the last week has taught me is that I and writing schedules really don't get along.

I suspect that this is in a large part due to my general disdain for deadlines. At best they are a pain and, at worst they pressure me into doing some fairly shoddy work as I rush through elements like editing and proof reading.

It's also not what this blog is about at all.

This blog is all about creativity and having an outlet for that creativity. This doesn't mean that I can't have a semblance of structure to my works however, just that declaring that I was going to convert an entire supplement in a day was probably a little bit ambitious. ;0).

My plan is still to keep all you guys in the loop though as to what you can expect to see, so going forward On The Cards is going to be more of an informal guide to what I have planned rather than the structured blow-by-blow plan of action.

So, going forward, the "plan" looks a little something like this...

I am still continuing with the conversion of the beasties for Diablo and, slowly but surely we are getting there. All being well, we should be roughly at the half-way point with them by the end of the week.

The trollish content will be thick and fast this week as I take a look at the latest products hitting the market, share my view on a more flexible means of character creation, review the next copy of Elder Tunnels in my collection and, compare Tunnels and Trolls to it's sister game Monsters! Monsters!

On the board game front I hope to be taking a look Relic, opening (finally) my copy of Fortress America and, sharing a couple of interesting reviews from around the web with my take on matters.

I have also downloaded my prizes from the contest over at Tenkar's Tavern this morning so hopefully I will have time to read through and possibly review those this week.

On top of all of this, I still have tons and TONS of content in the pipeline, so be sure to check on by on a regular basis and, most of all, enjoy your gaming. :0).

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