Monday, 20 August 2012

One Page, Unlimited Potential


In scrolling through my feed this morning, I came across this great post over at Jake Care's Gamebooks.

Whilst I had seen the original adventure that the post mentions in the Red Box version of the Dungeons and Dragons rules, I had no idea that other writers had carried on the format.

I had always thought that this was a crying shame, as it was so innovative and, the closest that realistically you could come to a GM lead adventure, without the GM.

True, it did have the drawback that there was no random factor involved outside of combat (and this mini adventure doesn't even possess that), so there was little to no replay value but, couldn't that be easily fixed?

By this I mean that there is nothing to stop budding games designers and solitaire adventure writers sitting down, adopting the creative mechanics of the system whilst throwing in their own random twist.

For example, if a player is directed to a piece of text, couldn't that text be (or direct the player to roll on) a Wandering Monster table? A Random Treasure Generator could also be thrown in with the same ease.

Attach that to a simple system like Fighting Fantasy or, Tunnels and Trolls and you'd have one hell of a product on your hands.


Read more about Page Quest and download your copy here.


  1. I used to think one page scenarios were the wave of the future until I tried them at conventions. Players go in various directions. Adventures need a lot of padding to keep the GM from having to wing it.
    Winging it is okay, and great times to had; but the skill of the GM is to be able to utilize his notes.

  2. I agree.

    I have often found that such sparse GM adventures are of little to no use to me. Hell, I have even struggled with my own notes before now in dungeons that I have designed! Lol.

    As a solo endeavor though, little one-shots like this can really spark the imagination I feel.

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