Sunday, 12 August 2012

Review: The Cursed Catacombs

The Cursed Catacombs is the sixth entry in the Toys for The Sandbox (TFTSB) series by Occult Moon.

Like other products in the range, instead of giving you one single fixed adventure that you can run straight out of the book, The Cursed Catacombs offers the creative GM a collection of adventure seeds based upon it's story arc for you to pick and choose between.

So with the six varied plots covering a wide variety of scenarios, there should be something in there for most groups. Even if you don't like the possibilities presented, it isn't hard to throw something together with the map, background and, NPC's provided.

So with a detailed map of the catacombs covering 4 levels, a map of the island, 6 plots, 4 NPC's and, two tables for generating random content this product certainly has a lot to offer and, is one hell of a bang for your buck!

You will need a creative GM to run it though and, I cannot stress this enough. The whole product has been designed with the intention of offering gamers bare-bones that must be fleshed out before use.

This kind of thing can of course be done on the fly by skilled and experienced GM's but, I don't recommend this approach personally. It's completely unnecessary when you consider that this product can be read through within the space of half an hour and, adapted to your setting in probably the space of just over an hour or so. Less time if you're running it as a one shot.

Do I recommend this product?

Definitely. Personally I enjoy a good undead fest but, even for those groups out there that don't want to spend their sessions hacking through corpses there is plenty of potential adventure to be had exploring these catacombs.

Pick up your copy here ($0.99).

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