Friday, 10 August 2012

Review: Monsters! Monsters!

What is Monsters! Monsters!?

It could be said that and, I indeed have said so, that Monsters! Monsters! (M!M!) is the sister game of Tunnels and Trolls.

Whilst that is the case, a re-read of the rules has lead me to reconsider my stance on this considerably. Although the rulebook gives you everything that you need to run your very own M!M! session, the level of detail is minimal and, not much beyond what is made available to you freely here in the free abridged Tunnels and Trolls rules.

So should you pick up a copy? Definitely!

Whilst I would say that M!M! is far from being a complete and concise product (it is only 45 pages long), it makes for one hell of a supplement! So, if you own a copy of the Tunnels and Trolls rules this would make one great purchase for you.

So what do you get for your money?

52 new kindreds.
A new type, the Monster.
A description of each monstrous kindred.
An alternative means of missile combat.
The Special Monster Magic supplement by Bear Peters.
Wandering enemy (instead of wandering monster) tables.
Random treasure tables for your random enemy encounters.

Convinced? Pick up your copy here or, here ($7.50).

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