Thursday, 9 August 2012

Target: Sid Orpin

Or so it would seem...

T&T NEWS -- (COMING SOON) This is a Tunnels & Trolls Mega-Solo called Rapscallion. It is 8-by-11 in size, 56 pages, and center stapled with 142 entries. BACKGROUND: "You have always sacrificed a little of your hard-won gold to Ylsenor, the god of the rogues. In return, you have enjoyed more than your fair share of good fortune. Today, just as you think your luck has finally run out, your deity snatches you from death's jaws, but now you are expected to entertain the great Dissembler. Take on his challenge, and prove his faith in you is well founded, and the rewards may be great. Fail him, and you may never have the opportunity to pay homage to him again..." Suitability: Only Rogues--no other character types, please--of L1 to L3. Since you will be told to add or subtract Rogue Points at various times while playing this adventure, in addition to the usual need of keeping a record of current stats, keeping a note of your total Rogue Points is important and may prove useful. You start with a Rogue Point total of 0. Kindred type used in this solo: (Humanoid types. No Monsters). Class type used in this solo: (Only Rogues). Magic Matrix (Yes, a special Magic Matrix has been added). When it arrives next week it will sell for-- PRICE: $14.00

Only days after being released at DriveThruRPG, James Shipman has got his thieving hands on Rapscallion, inflated the price and, sent it off to the printers with plans to try and cash in on someone else's creativity... Again.

By all accounts he appears to be targeting the works of Sid Orpin at the moment for some unknown reason, having recently decided to add a similar ad for "Devotion to Duty" to his home page as well. Now, I know that these two guys have history but I don't for one second believe that Sid would have given him the green-light on either of these or, indeed that Sid would even want to associated with him.

Nope. What's happened here is that Shipman has bought a copy from DriveThruRPG in the hopes of giving it away freely and damaging the authors sales, found that the authors have gotten wise to his tricks and made this an impossibility through various security measures and, like a dog with a bone, he has decided he has to do something with it.

Sad really...


Pick up your copy of Devotion to Duty here ($3.50).
Pick up your copy of Rapscallion here ($2.00).

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