Tuesday, 28 August 2012

The Enchanter: A New Type For Tunnels and Trolls

Snake Charmer by Renata Cavanaugh
(CHR / INT / LK / WIZ)


Originally when I conceived the Enchanter as a specialist Wizard for Tunnels and Trolls, I had much more of a pacifist in mind. In fact, I had considered banning them the use of any weapons! This was mostly due to the special ability that I had designed for the type, that required them to be non-agressive in order for it to be at all effective.

As I worked through fleshing out the type however, it soon became apparent that a character that is unable to fight due to it's special ability, simply would not function as a part of a standard delving party.

So the Enchanter that is presented here is a re-working of that idea. It still maintains the special ability that I feel is central to this type but, also puts a good range of other abilities at the players fingertips with which to adventure.

Oh, and of course it now allows Enchanters to wield weapons should diplomacy fail. ;0).


The prime attributes for Enchanters are, Charisma, Intelligence, Luck and Wizardry, all of which must be at least 12 in order to qualify for this type. As such Enchanters are as rare as Paragons (and just as powerful!)

  • All Enchanters have the same limitations when it comes to wielding weapons that Wizards do (they may use no weapon that grants more than 2D in combat).
  • All Enchanters begin play with Wizards Speech in addition to any other languages that they know.
  • Enchanters are not trained by the Wizard's Guild and therefore do not begin with all of the 1st level spells.
  • The first Talent taken by all Enchanters must be Charm (based upon Charisma) in the same way that all Rogues must take Roguery.
Instead of attacking a foe, an Enchanter may try to beguile them into submission using this ability.

When charming a foe in combat, instead of attacking, the Enchanter rolls a number of dice equal to their level plus one and, adds any bonuses (one point for every point over twelve plus the bonus granted by the Talent) from their prime attributes, whilst the opponents roll up their attacks normally.

If the Enchanter wins the combat round, then the MR of the enemies is reduced by the difference as if damage had been dealt (although no harm is done, so armor can not reduce this amount).

If an opponent is reduced to zero MR this way then they become docile and compliant... Or as docile as compliant as can be expected of the creature in question.

When used outside of combat, the Charm ability can be win over almost anyone using SR's (as set by the GM and, based upon the situation).

Charming is not without it's limitations though and, cannot be used in the following situations:
  • The Enchanter and the target do not share a common language.
  • The target is non-sentient (Undead and Constructs generally cannot be charmed unless they possess an active consciousness).
  • If the target is being attacked in any way, shape or, form they cannot be charmed.
In addition to this ability, Enchanters automatically gain access to the following spells once they have the required attributes to cast them:

Level 1 Spells (DEX: 10, INT: 10)

Hold That Pose (WIZ: 4)
Oh Go Away (WIZ: 5)

Level 2 Spells (DEX: 12, INT: 12)

Mirage (WIZ: 8)
Spirit Mastery (WIZ: 8)

Level 3 Spells (DEX: 15, INT: 15)

Befuddle (WIZ: 12)
Firestorm of Protest (WIZ: 6)
Rock-A-Bye (WIZ: 11)

Level 4 Spells (DEX: 19, INT: 19)

Dum-Dum (WIZ: 8)

Level 5 Spells (DEX: 24, INT: 24)

ESP (WIZ: 20)
Mind Pox (WIZ: 39)
Second Sight (WIZ: 25)

Level 6 Spells (DEX: 30, INT: 30)

Porta-Vision (WIZ: 30)

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