Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Trollish Encounters: Refreshing A Page Was Never So Much Fun!

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The gremlins have been hard at work again in the Alchemy Labs ever since they saw this strange device in a far and distant land.

"Hmmm, they thought. Summoning random quotes with technomncy.. Interesting. We could use this to conjure up all kinds of chaos".

So they sat there tinkering, stripped back the machine to it's bare components and combined it with bar tales to create the "Trollish Encounter Generator".

Activated by a click of the mouse upon the refresh button or clicking on ANY of our articles, the generator will cast the delver of your choice into instant adventure.

Will you find treasure? Will you find peril? Click the mouse and try your luck! (check it out in the right-hand bar)

Whilst there are only a handful of encounters at the moment, be assured that the generator will be updated on a regular basis with more treasure, more monsters and, more adventure!

Want to add your own encounter?

E-mail us one or, drop it to us a comment below. If it's good, it's in and will of course be credited to you for all future delvers to see!

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