Sunday, 5 August 2012

Whispers Of The Warp

A leak...
One of the most interesting blips on my scanner of late has to be the supposed leak of the contents of the Warhammer: 40,000, 6th edition starter box here.

Looking over the information though, I strongly suspect that what we have here is either false readings or a hoax... Sadly.

I say sadly only because the line-up looks so interesting. Which is a pretty big give away that this is not what you're going to get!

Games Workshop love to play it safe when it comes to introducing new players to the hobby and, a battlefield full of plasma weapons is anything but. Roll a '1' when firing and there's a good chance that you're going to blow your whole squad to hell. Which is both entertaining and amusing but, really not in the Games Workshop mind set.

Some aspects of the information presented in the post certainly have an aura of truth about them though.

... Or yet another hoax?
The most prevalent rumors about the release from all over the web suggest that the box will be a Dark Angels / Chaos smackdown and, there has indeed been a fair amount of hype surrounding a plastic Chaos Dreadnought that is expected to be included.

The load out also seems reasonable (besides the weaponry in general), with the Dark Angels almost mirroring the marine forces in Black Reach in numbers and composition. Some might say that they're suspiciously similar and, it's these nagging doubts that lead me to believe that what you see here and, what you'll actually get may be two VERY different things.

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