Monday, 10 September 2012

Dungeon Masters Series #2: Zed, Duke Of Banville

Sir John or Duke Zed?
Name: Zed, Duke Of Banville.
Kindred: Human.
Type: Citizen (Duke, Former Merchant).
Level:  2.

Strength:  19
Constitution:  27
Dexterity:  21
Speed:  10
Intelligence:  25
Wizardry: 10
Luck:  25
Charisma: 12

Combat Adds:  +29
Missile Adds:  +38

Common, Elven, Dwarvish, Goblin, Gremlin, Hobbit, Orcish, Trollish

Torch (As Club): (3+0, STR: 5, DEX: 3, 50WU).

Haubergeon (4 hits, STR: 4, 240WU).
Chausses (4 hits, STR: 3, 140WU).

Other Items:
Blue cotton trousers (8WU).

Barter (CHR+6): Zed's former life as a merchant has taught him much of how to get the best out of any deal.

When selling goods Zed can get his level x5% more for items and, when buying goods Zed pays his level x5% less. This cannot reduce or increase the value of items by more than 50%. 

Linguist (INT+5): When attempting to converse in a language that he does not speak, Zed may add this bonus to any SR required.

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