Monday, 10 September 2012

Dungeon Masters Series #4: Hawk The Fearless

Black Hawk, inspiration for Hawk The Fearless
Name: Hawk The Fearless.
Kindred: Human.
Type: Ranger.
Level:  3.

Strength:  31
Constitution:  34
Dexterity:  19
Speed:  10
Intelligence:  21
Wizardry:  8
Luck:  24
Charisma:  8

Combat Adds:  +38
Missile Adds:  +45


Heavy Bow (5+3, STR: 20, DEX: 16, 70WU).

Full Soft Leather (5 hits, STR: 7, 75WU).

Other Items:
Quiver & 24 Arrows (10WU).

Foraging (INT+2): Time in the wilderness has made Hawk wise to sources of food in harsh areas as, well as which plants and fungi may be toxic.

Missile Mastery (DEX): All ranged attacks made by this character only ever require a 1st Level SR to hit.

Tracking (INT+5): The ability to follow trails and tracks left by others as well as the ability to hide your own.

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