Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Dungeon Masters Series #5: Boris, Wizard Of Baldor

Name: Boris, Wizard Of Baldor.
Kindred: Gnome.
Type: Wizard (Specialist in "Fire Magic").
Level:  5.

Strength:  4
Constitution:  7
Dexterity:  35
Speed:  15
Intelligence:  50
Wizardry:  23
Luck:  23 (33)
Charisma:  8

Combat Adds:  +32 (+42)
Missile Adds:  +55 (+65)

Common, Dwarvish


Leather Trousers (1 hit, 40WU).

Other Items:
Lucky Rabbit's Foot (LK+10 whilst carried, 1WU). Knee-high Soft Leather Boots (20WU), Cotton Tunic (1WU).

Call Flame (7 WIZ), Blasting Power (9 WIZ), Fire at Will (10 WIZ).

At One With the Earth (INT+4): This talent allows Boris to navigate when underground with great ease.

Fire Specialist (INT): Whenever Boris' attributes reach a point that would allow him to cast a fire spell he doesn't already possess, he gains access to that spell. Boris may only learn fire spells.

In Flames (WIZ+5): Boris takes 5 less damage from any fire based attack.

Inner Flame (WIZ+5): When casting fire spells Boris may attempt a L2SR on WIZ. If he is successful, the spells WIZ cost is halved.

Radiation (WIZ): Boris' body radiates great amounts of heat, allowing him to warm the party as a campfire at night and, protecting him from all but the most extreme colds.

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