Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Dungeon Masters Series

Which has absolutely nothing to do with being a GM... Well almost nothing.

It is instead a reference to one of the most influential games that I remember playing as a child.

I remember the first time that I loaded up Dungeon Master on my neighbors old Atari-ST. For years I had owned personal computers of my own, booting up my first Spectrum 128k program at the tender age of 6 (Chase HQ as I recall) but nothing could have prepared my younger self for what I was about to experience and, once I had started, there was going to be no turning back for this young delver.

Suffice to say, this game blew me away!

So I was smitten. This game was cool and, I wanted more.. And now I'm going to get it!

It's an idea that I have been toying with for sometime now but wouldn't it be great to cross these characters over to Trollworld and, take them for a whirl in dungeons new?

I mean, it's certainly doable.

Tunnels and Trolls is both simple enough and flexible enough and, with the advent of 7.0 onwards and the addition of Talents it is really possible to flesh out characters beyond there 5.0 bones that would have been possible, well, conceived beforehand.

So, that's exactly what I plan to do!

There are 24 champions in total in the original game and, with many of them being based upon either historical figures, ideals, or, other fictitious characters there is plenty in for me to work with in the way of artistic license and background material.

Also there are a few interesting factors to consider in this project. Namely the new kindreds that some of the champions will introduce, the potential for new spells needing to be created and, the fact that not everyone was armed from the outset! Almost unthinkable in Tunnels and Trolls terms!!

So will this work?

I think so. At least I hope so. It might be fair to say that some characters have a far greater chance than others of surviving the perils that face a delver on a day-to-day basis, where even walking down a city street can lead to high jinx and shenanigans but, I look at it this way.

Where's the sense of adventure without the possibility of failure?


Learn more about the Dungeon Master series of games here

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