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Dungeon! Variants #1

Not long now before I can lay my hands on the re-release of Dungeon! Which has got me working away, digging up all the old material I had lying around for my original copy.

Material that thankfully I wont need to re-type thanks to this gentleman here. That said though, I have had to edit parts of the document (mostly to make better sense of it myself), which you can read below.

Dwarves and Clerics in Dungeon!
And a Pair of New Treasures and Some New Monsters to Make the Pot Sweeter
by Gary Gygax.
In order to add a new dimension to the character types in Dungeon! we have added the Dwarf and the Cleric.

The former is in the strength category of the Elf and Hero; the latter is designed to compete with the Superhero and Wizard. In playing we have found that both new types are viable and have about the same chance as the others to win if they are played properly.

For the six-player game of Dungeon! it is highly recommended that each player operate as one of the six types, allowing no two of the same type on the board.

THE DWARF: The Dwarf fights as an Elf, so simply use that score on each monster card which applies to the Elf when combatting monsters. Likewise, the Dwarf needs 10,000 gold pieces to win.

Although the Dwarf does not open secret door any better than a Hero (1 or 2 on 1D6), he does detect and remove Traps easily. Therefore, whever a Dwarf enters a space containing a trap, he simply puts it in the discard pile, ignoring the results of the trap, and freely picking up any treasure thereunder.

THE CLERIC: It will be necessary to add two types of spells for Clerical use:
  • Hold: This spell causes the monster it is thrown upon to defend at -2 (ad +2 to the dice roll of the Cleric), and in addition, the monster does not get a dice roll in the event that the Cleric fails to kill the monster when he combats it.
  • Transference: Simply use the Wizard's Teleport spell. If there are several Wizard's playing in the game, additional cards may have to be made up.
The Cleric fights as a Hero against all monsters except Undead (Skeletons, Wights, Wraiths, Mummies, Spectres and, Vampires) and, Evil Heroes, Evil Superheroes, Witches and Evil Wizards. In these cases, he fights as a Superhero.

Also, although the Cleric cannot ambush others, he may be ambushed, but if he is ambushed he fights as a Superhero.

The Cleric may take a maximum of four spells at any time (Hold and/or Transference in any combination). He may replenish spells just as a Wizard does.

When rolling on the PLT, the Cleric treats "Seriously Wounded" as a "Retreat 1 space, lose 1 prize, lose 1 turn". In all other cases, he cannot be wounded or lose a turn, but he can be killed or lose prizes. The Cleric needs 20,000 gold pieces to win.

New Prize Cards: With the new characters, it is suggested that the following new prizes be added:
  • Boots of Speed: Amend the lowest value Third Level Prize Card to read: "Boots of Speed: Increase movement by 1 space per turn"
  • Magic Armor: Amend the lowest value Fifth Level Prize Card to read: "Magic Armor: When rolling on the PLT, add +1 on rolls of 2-6, -1 on rolls of 8-10 and 12. Rolls of 7 or 11 are not affected. Additional value: 1,500 Gold Pieces."
New Monsters: Simply amend existing monsters as indicated below in order to make the game more interesting. The numbers following the name of the new monster correspond to the numbers shown on the card for Lightning, Fire Ball, Wizard, Superhero, Hero and Elf.
  • First Level --
    • On Skeleton card: Zombie 3,3,7,4,5,6
    • On Hobgoblin card: Orcs 5,2,6,4,6,4
    • On Giant Lizard card: Anti-Magic Trap! "All magic and spells. Gone!"
  • Second Level --
    • On Hobgoblin card: Gnolls 4,4,7,5,8,6
    • On Hobgoblin card: Harpy 3,3,5,6,7,7
    • On Giant Spider card: Owl Bear 4,4,9,4,6,7
  • Third Level --
    • On Ogre card: Fireball Trap! "Roll on PLT,7=8, 11=10. Prizes lost are destroyed!"
    • On Werewolf card: Evil Priest 7,7,8,6,7,8
    • On Mummy card: Wight 10,5,7,6,8,9
  • Fourth Level --
    • On Evil Superhero card: Manticore 6,6,11,9,10,11
    • On Troll card: Wyvern 8,8,9,8,10,10
    • On Mummy card: Wraith 6,6,8,8,9,10
  • Fifth Level --
    • On Green Slime card: Fire Elemental 5,--,12,9,10,12
    • On Troll card: White Dragon 10,5,12,9,11,12
    • On Giant card: Spectre 8,8,9,7,9,11
  • Sixth Level --
    • On Vampire card: Demon 9,--,11,10,12,--
    • On Purple Worm card: Basilisk 10,8,12,10,12,12
    • On Blue Dragon card: Earth Elemental --,6,--,9,11,--
If you do not wish to actually mark up the monster cards, simply put an "X" on a corner of the face and the a code number to indicate which new monster it is. Have fun!

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