Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Quickstart: Super Simple, Super 3

Can you believe that MB actually released Tic-Tac-Toe as a boxed game?

Okay, not quite Tic-Tac-Toe but, not far off and, it goes by the name of Super 3.

The game does differ slightly from the childhood classic but, only in the respect that you roll dice to place your pegs instead of having pure autonomy over placement and, rather than just trying to claim a single grid, you instead need three to five of them depending upon how the game develops.

It's still super simple though.

The Rules:

Every turn you roll 2D6 and place a peg in either a hole that's marked with that number or, any hole in the "box" marked with that number. The only rule here is that you can't take the center hole (you need a 7 to do that).

If you get three pegs in a row in a box or, 5 pegs anywhere within that box, it's yours! Remove all of your opponents pegs from that box if there are any and, fill them with your own. Also fill any empty holes in that box. No more pegs may now be placed in that box for the remainder of the game and, none may be removed from it by the roll of a 2.

If you roll a number that cannot be played because there is no longer any holes available that correspond to that number, you must roll again, up to a total of three rolls until you roll a playable hole. If you cannot do this within the three rolls, you forfeit your turn. 

Capture three boxes in a row or, any five boxes on the board and you win!

Other than the three special rolls that can mess with play, that's about it.

Special Rolls:

2: Remove any one of your opponents pegs from the board and roll again.
"Lucky" 7: Take any center hole in any box or, any hole in box 7.
12: Place a peg in any hole on the board.

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