Thursday, 11 October 2012

Alchemy's Top Ten: What Have YOU Been Reading?

Inspired by a fine posting from Paul Ingrassia over at Troll Hammer Press, I thought I would share a few of our top tens with you too. Like Paul, I also take a great deal of interest in my blog's stats as it gives me a good indicator of what I'm doing right and, what I can write off.

So with no further a do, lets take a look at a few of our top tens and how many hits that they have received:

Top 10 Pageviews by Country:

United States: 1445
United Kingdom: 709
Russia: 454
Italy: 177
Australia: 117
Germany: 61
France: 39
Canada: 35
Norway: 30
Japan: 2

Top 10 Search Keywords:

Minotaur: 37
Minotaurs: 17
Tunnels and Trolls: 11
минотавър: 7
Real Minotaur: 5
Dungeons and Dragons Minotaur: 7
The Minotaur: 4
Tunnels and Trolls Deluxe: 4
Diane Charmer: 3
Human Rogue: 3

Top 10 Posts:

DMotivational #23: Never Mind The Damn Exit, One Of These Rooms MUST Be The Bathroom!: 69

Someone Already Did It!: 60

Trollish Encounters: Refreshing A Page Was Never So Much Fun!: 39

Review: Elder Tunnels - Halloween 2010: 28

Week Of The Troll: Elder Tunnels - Winter / Spring 2010: 26

A Grenade Down The Hobbit Hole: 25

Diablo Day: A Ground Breaking D&D Release... That You've Probably Never Heard Of: 21

Alchemy's Workbench #1: Space Hulk For The Lone Gamer: 21

DMotivational #8: Red Shirt's Offer Little Protection From Ancient Terran Magics: 19

So, the chances are that if you're reading this you're a Tunnels and Trolls fan in the US that enjoys bringing Minotaurs to the gaming table. ;0).

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