Monday, 1 October 2012

All Shapes And Sizes... As Long As It's A 10' By 10' Square

The many faces of doom.
An item that has not long hit the market after being kickstarted but, already caught my attention is the DungeonMorph Dice and accessories range by Inkwell Ideas.

The first I saw of these was here, in a post over at Tenkar's Tavern. Instantly they rang a bell, reminding me of Dave's Mapper. What really drew me in with the photo though was the fact that these were dice.

Dice with geomorphs on.. What a great idea!

Granted, I already have a great set of dice produced by Chessex designed with the GM in mind and producing dungeons on the fly, as well as several other dice from various other distributors that do pretty much the same. So it's not what you would call a new idea.

This is however the first time I have seen a company print a whole chunk of dungeon on to the side of a dice. Usually you get something more along the lines of a concept like "Treasure" or "Trap" and it's up to you how you incorporate it.

All in all though, I have no doubt that what you have here is a product worth owning. Unfortunately it appears to be suffering from the post kickstarter price bloat that seems to be spreading like a wildfire of late.

Taking into account the flexibility and price of their competitors I can't see too many shifting beyond those going to pledges unless the price drops a few dollars. So if this product takes your fancy but not the price, keep a watchful eye on the site as it probably wont be long before there's a sale.

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