Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Dual Duels: A Game Of Two Halves


An idea that I have been toying with to add an extra dimension to my future gaming experiences is the concept of dual duels or, playing two games at once.
It's not a new concept granted, as Chess Boxing is reasonably well established if a little obscure and, The Big Bang guys introduced us to the equally grueling sport of Tresling (arm wrestling whilst playing Tetris).

These two activities may be worlds apart but, from my point of view it's the victory condition that interests me as a gamer. If you lose in one game, you lose in them both.

So, imagine that to your left you have a game of Chess and to your right, a game of Draughts. You're a seasoned Chess player but, your opponent has a real knack for Draughts and a couple of new rules have been added.

Each turn you can make a move in one game or the other, not both, before play passes to your opponent. Lose in one and, it's game over.

Do you play to your strengths and focus your attention on the Chess game, trying to draw your opponent in, trying to place them in mate before they clear you out on the other board? Do you suspect your opponent will do the same on the Draughts board and, go on the defensive? Maybe you balance your actions? Maybe you choose to respond to your opponents actions?

I'd love to hear from you all on this one, what combinations do you think would work? Is this something you'd give a go? Or, have you ever tried anything similar?

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