Monday, 15 October 2012

Dungeon Masters Series #13: Wuuf, The Bika

Name: Wuuf, The Bika.
Kindred: Bika.
Type: Rogue.
Level:  5.

Strength: 10
Constitution: 11
Dexterity: 52
Speed: 10
Intelligence: 52
Wizardry: 16
Luck: 27
Charisma: 12

Combat Adds:  +55
Missile Adds:  +75



Leather Jerkin (1 hit, STR: 2, 15 WU).

Other Items:
Glass Flask (5 WU).

Detect Magic (1 WIZ).

Acrobatics (DEX+2): Allows Wuuf to perform flips and somersaults as accompanied with an enhanced sense of balance and agility.

Cling To The Shadows (INT+6): Grants a bonus to any attempt to stealthy activities in which your opponent has their senses impaired (In darkness, they are drunk, there is a lot of noise etc).

Dodge (DEX+2): Your natural agility grants you 2 points of "natural armor" when dodging blows that you are aware of.

Roguery (CHR, INT, LK+2): As per the rulebook.

Superior Sense of Smell (CON+5): Allows Wuuf to sense enemies on the wind, toxins in food, as well as any other item or individual that she has the "scent" for, over great distances.

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