Sunday, 7 October 2012

Dungeon Masters Series: The Parties Half Over... The Parties Just Begining!

Mophus, The Healer marks the halfway point of our Dungeon Masters Series.. Or at least the halfway point of series one!

I have had so much fun rolling up these new characters, taking the originals as inspiration that I have decided that I will definitely be (T)rolling up the Chaos Strikes Back adventurers too.

So in the future expect to see Hawkkin (who I seriously need to dream up a creative name for), Centaurs, Bug-people (The Leef), and, some Alligator themed folk (distant cousins of the Makan and currently lacking a name).

With all of these new kindreds, I am also slowly drawing up a new setting. At the moment I am picturing it as being a rich and fertile rain forest, teaming with all variety of exotic wonders and perils to challenge even the hardiest Kaball's wayfarers.

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