Friday, 26 October 2012

What A Low Life Says, What A Low Life Means.. What A Low Life

Anyone familiar with the shady deeds surrounding Shipman and his one man mission to, I assume, try and destroy Tunnels and Trolls will probably no doubt be familiar with the fact that there is no low or demented level to which he will not sink in his cru-very sad-e.

Anything that will get him a few extra page hits and the attention that is both his life-blood and the oxygen it carries to his black heart.

So why give him what he needs?

Simply because I have a voice here, where on his site there is no room given to comment. So when he lies (signified by sound when his lips move) I can speak and, when he steals (and he does this a LOT), I can give you a link to the real deal. Whatever he does, I can set the record straight.

Starting with his latest humdinger, what he says:

"T&T NEWS -- Our friend and artist Jeff Freels who does work for Outlaw Press has sent us this new large print Tunnels & Trolls Character Sheet. So I thought I would share it with everyone. Just click on it to see it and make yourself a copy. Enjoy!"

And now, what he means:

"I have uploaded a copy Jeff Freels entry into Ken St. Andre's contest over at the Trollgod's Trollhalla in the hope that you will somehow think we work together. I admire Jeff's work greatly and I hope that my inclusion of it here makes me look more popular than I really am. Enjoy!"


  1. He posted my 6x9 character sheet a few months back, complete with removing my reference to the trademark holder of T&T (Flying Buffalo) and my credit to myself as the sheet's creator.

    That is why I did not enter anything into Ken's recent contest, and why I now watermark anything I create to make his thievery a bit more difficult.

    I offered the sheet for free, so if he wants to post it, so be it...but removing credited references is the sign of a thief and a crook that he is.

  2. Well said Jerry. A shame that he did that though. Not that he has any concept of shame.

    I believe there's an option on DriveThruRPG too, for folks that publish on there that disables copying and pasting within your document.. Now they just need to introduce a function that delivers an electric shock when he tries it.

    1. Thought I'd better mention that feature whilst I remember.