Friday, 9 November 2012

Alchemy's Workbench #7: A Couple Of More Design Ideas

Whilst in recent times I have not had much time to work on the projects that I already have on the go, it certainly hasn't stopped me coming up with more. As it should be!

My two most recent musings both revolve around cards. One simple.. One not so.

My simplest idea is simply to maybe produce a Top Trumps deck or two. There are a lot of legitimate sets and clones already out there, covering nearly every subject that you can imagine but there are a few themes that I would like to explore, the Dungeon Master Champions for instance or, maybe something a little more imaginative. Any which way I do this though, I don't ever see this becoming a commercial or even independent release. Just something spun off the home printer but, it should still be fun none the less.

The second idea that I am toying with is a revamp and re-skin of Dominion with a Dungeon Keeper theme. Again, something that'll never be a commercial release (and never see the light of day beyond my close gaming friends because licensing would likely be a nightmare!) but should be fun to work on.

Initially I plan to simply swap the art on existing cards that best fit the feel of room or what have you from Dungeon Keeper before addressing the more tricky aspects of new mechanics and new victory conditions. All being well, what comes out the other end won't look any more like Dominion than any other game that uses deck construction as a mechanic. At least that's the plan.. Or as close to a plan as I have for the moment, considering I only dreamed the project up yesterday.

Then there is of course the fact that I already have more than enough on the go at once. Still, I would value any input on the matter. What do you all think?

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