Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Crossovers #2: Unsettling Times In Catan

A Nuclear War Card Game / The Settlers of Catan Crossover created by Rick Loomis. Edited and re-posted here by me.

You are playing The Settlers of Catan as normal, with the following exceptions:

  • Create a draw pile using all of the basic cards from the Nuclear War Card Game.

  • On your turn you may discard any two resources in order to draw a card from the "Nuke Deck".

  • You may also discard the following combinations of Nuke cards for the following benefits:

A Secret Card = One Resource of your choice.
A Top Secret Card = One Resource of your choice.
A Special Card = One Resource of your choice.
Two Propaganda Cards = One Resource of your choice.

  • When you have a combination of either a Bomber or a Missile and a Warhead that can be fitted to it, you may use them to destroy any City or Settlement on the map.

  • If attacked that player may opt to shoot down that Bomber or Missile if they have the appropriate Antimissile. If they do so, the attack is canceled and play immediately passes to them.

  • If the Bomber or Missile is not intercepted then you spin the spinner. Missiles fail to affect their intended target on a spin of "Dud Warhead", Bombers on "Bomber Runs Out Of Fuel" and, blasts of only a 10 Megaton yield on Bomb Shelters. Anything else destroys the target and a marker should be placed on it's smoldering ruins. Nothing else may be built there for the remainder of the game but, for all purposes within the rules there is considered to be no Settlement there.

  • If you used a Bomber to drop a Nuke and did not spin the result "Bomber Runs Out Of Fuel",and it has not dropped 50 Megatons worth of explosives, leave the bomber face up in front of you. It may be used to drop further Warheads in the future.

You can read the original text here or, order your copy of the Nuclear War Card Game here.


  1. Might be the one reason to ever play Catan again...one of my least favorite games

  2. Never actually sat down to a game of Catan myself. Had a copy now for what seems like years, but I can never find anyone that wants to play. Never EVER!

    I thought that this game was supposed to be popular!

    That being said though, the Star Trek version looks equal parts pretty and shiny. ;0).