Saturday, 10 November 2012

Drone Guns, Fantasy Style

An idea has just occurred to me whilst watching Futurama: Bender's Game. It came to me during the scene where the Planet Express crew decided to directly assault Mom's icy lair and she rolled out the seemingly endless wall of Killbots.

I thought to myself, those could just as easily be animated ballista guarding the fortress of some powerful enchanter or artificer who doesn't welcome visitors as robotic drones with lasers for arms or, Gatling Guns mounted in their torsos... Because that's how I think. :0).

It seemed a little odd at first but then I began to wonder why the concept hadn't hit me sooner. Especially after the hordes upon hordes of animated suits of armor that I have waded through time and time again whilst playing Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance II.

So what I have in mind is fitting several of these devices to key defensive locations, such as turrets or, as a full defensive line along the battlements, with animated suits of armor or other automatons instructed to reload them. Preferably, I would use repeating ballistae (which I picture looking a lot like this) for a sustained rate of fire against marauders and charge the "crew" with simply clearing jams and changing "clips" but the design and implementation is purely up to the whim of the GM.

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