Friday, 9 November 2012

Dungeon Masters Series #16: Leif, The Valiant

Leif Ericson
Name: Leif, The Valiant.
Kindred: Human.
Type: Leader.
Level:  4.

Strength: 29
Constitution:  41
Dexterity:  27
Speed:  7
Intelligence:  16
Wizardry:  6
Luck:  22
Charisma:  23

Combat Adds:  +40
Missile Adds:  +55



Full Soft Leather (5 hits, STR: 7, 75WU).

Other Items:

Explorer (INT+3): As an explorer, Lief can often tie new experiences in with knowledge of the world that he has already seen. This gives him a bonus in identifying plants, animals and, phenomena that he their likely properties in strange new lands he may visit.

Insight (INT+1): Able to fully explore any given situation quietly and quickly within his own thoughts, Leif is often able to give good advice to those who seek it.

Leadership (CHR+4): Special ability, as per the rulebook.

Shipbuilding (INT, STR+6): Leif is a master at both designing and building his own ships, able to draw up plans, source appropriate materials and, build vessels with his own hands.

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