Monday, 19 November 2012

Dungeon Masters Series #18: Wu Tse, Son Of Heaven

Name: Wu Tse, Son of Heaven.
Kindred: Human.
Type: Warrior.
Level:  2.

Strength: 21
Constitution: 24
Dexterity: 21
Speed: 11
Intelligence: 31
Wizardry: 10
Luck: 21
Charisma: 11

Combat Adds:  +18
Missile Adds:  +18


3 x Throwing Star (4+0, STR: 2, DEX: 10, 10WU per three carried).


Other Items:
Sandals (1WU), Silk Shirt (8WU), Tabard (8WU).

Acrobatics (DEX+4): Allows Wu Tse to perform flips and somersaults as accompanied with an enhanced sense of balance and agility.

Cling To The Shadows (INT+5): Grants a bonus to any attempt to stealthy activities in which your opponent has their senses impaired (In darkness, they are drunk, there is a lot of noise etc).

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