Friday, 30 November 2012

Dungeon Masters Series #20: Halk, The Barbarian

Arnold Schwarzenegger as Robert E. Howard's Conan.
Name: Halk, The Barbarian.
Kindred: Human.
Type: Warrior.
Level:  2.

Strength: 23
Constitution: 25
Dexterity: 22
Speed:  17
Intelligence: 14
Wizardry: 13
Luck: 22
Charisma: 14

Combat Adds:  +36
Missile Adds:  +46


Club (3+0, STR: 5, DEX: 3, 50WU).

Bezerker Helm (Open-face Helm with Small Horns, 2 hits, STR: 2, 35WU).

Other Items:
Barbarian Hide (Bear fur Loincloth, 10WU), Sandals (1WU).

Brute Strength (STR+1): ou may add 1 to your combat total every round due to your immense natural strength.

Dodge (DEX+2): Your natural agility grants you 2 points of "natural armor" when dodging blows that you are aware of. 

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