Friday, 30 November 2012

Dungeon Masters Series #21: Syra, Child Of Nature

Name: Syra, Child Of Nature.
Kindred: Elf.
Type: Wizard.
Level:  3.

Strength: 18
Constitution:  24
Dexterity:  17
Speed:  9
Intelligence:  29
Wizardry:  30
Luck:  39
Charisma:  20

Combat Adds:  +38
Missile Adds:  +43

Common, Elven.


Elven Doublet (2 hits, STR: 2, 75WU).

Other Items:
1 x Provisions (15WU), Tabard (8WU).

Call Water (8 WIZ), Freeze Please (11 WIZ), Hard Stuff (15 WIZ), Slush-Yuck (15 WIZ).

Gift of the Earth (WIZ+6): Daroou takes 6 less damage each round/turn from "Earth" effects (Such as a cave-in or, stone weapons). 

Gift of the Ocean (WIZ+3): Syra takes 3 less damage each round/turn from "Water" effects (Such as drowning or the Freeze Pleeze spell).

Healing Touch (WIZ+2): Syra may lay hands on any willing party and restore 2 CON at the cost of 2 WIZ.

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