Wednesday, 13 February 2013

At The Table: Castle Panic / Race For The Galaxy

After realising that for a gamer, with a gaming blog I don't actually write up too much about what I've been playing, I figured that at the table might be a good idea.

The idea being to give a  brief overview of what's being played by our group, how it's been received and, who else might get a kick out of it. I suppose I am thinking of this along the lines of "reviews: fast play edition".

First up, Castle Panic.

Castle Panic

As those of you following the blog will be aware, this is a game that I was virtually bursting at the seams to play and, upon it's introduction to the group it went down like a storm. We have literally not a bad word to say about this game and I can honestly see it remaining popular for months to come. We also have the expansion on order and are eagerly awaiting it's arrival.

Given the simple rules, amount of laughter it has produced and the family friendly art, I would have to say that this game is perfectly suitable for any gamer or group and, I'd happily recommend you all pick up a copy.

Race For The Galaxy

This was a surprise addition to our regular games, despite the fact that I'd had a copy of this game sitting on my shelves for months. Personally I'd found the rulebook to be as clear as mud, so had shelved it but, with another member of the group being shown how to play and in turn showing me, we have found that we have another firm favorite.

Whilst being a good game with a lot of replay value, you may struggle with the rulebook if you don't happen to have an experienced player at hand to break it down for you. That said, it's not a complicated game once you get to grips with it so for groups looking for a strategic game with a difference and some depth, this might be just the ticket.

It's certainly proved popular at our FLGS, selling faster than it can be stocked!

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