Sunday, 3 February 2013

It's A Big Wide World.. And An Even Bigger World Wide Web

So no matter how obscure the idea, you're probably not the only one having it. Even it seems, the idea of a Christian RPG.

Now off the bat, let me just say that I am about as far away from a Christian as you can get but, I do like Googling the odd thoughts that pop into my mind, which is where I came across this (and an Amish Robot):

Dragon Raid: Adventure Learning System

Despite pegging itself as a "learning system" it's clearly a roleplaying game. An odd roleplaying game but, a roleplaying game non the less. It admits to this fact in the small print but, it is interesting how it tries to distance itself from the whole "Roleplaying is Satanic" stigma with it's branding.

Not that I am 100% sure that I can see the point in this product at all. It reeks of being a poor attempt to sell Christianity as "cool" to the kids by presenting it to them in a "Saturday Morning Cartoon" format. Which would be lame enough in itself but, it also leads me to question who on earth they thought their target market was?
"DragonRaid is an exciting experience in adventure simulation. More than just a game, it offers hours of enjoyment while teaching participants to resist sin, counter deceptive arguments, memorize Scripture, and build moral and spiritual character".
If you're already into the Judeo-Christian faith, this product is kinda blasphemous, if you're not, then what is there to hold your interest when you can just go out and buy another fine product that doesn't require you to memorise scripture?

This product is at best an odd-ball and, I could say far FAR worse about it and it's potentially detrimental effects on impressionable minds, but I'll settle for pointing out it's most base flaws.

It's a game where no matter your class, you're a cleric. It teaches people to resist sin whilst advocating conflict and animosity towards those who think differently than yourself. It's a product with no market. It sucks.

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