Tuesday, 19 February 2013

New Feature: Blog Spot

A big part of how I've approached writing this blog is consistency. I figure do what you do (and try to) do it well!

So everything that I post, I try to pigeon hole one way or another, with the idea being that it (theoretically) makes the blog easier to navigate. If you find something you like then hopefully it should be tagged to other items of interest in some shape, way or, form.

Blog Spot is going to be a little different though. Rather than taking you on a merry tour around the blog it'll lead to posts elsewhere that I think are well worth a share. Bringing the idea of Facebook's share function to Blogger.

This is pretty much an experiment at the moment, as I'll obviously need the permission of the original posters (as I plan to copy and paste the text) but, should it take off, I think it will provide a valuable gateway to the wider blogging community. After all, I come across posts all the time and think "that's great! But I can't really just post a link".

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