Tuesday, 16 April 2013

A Little Experiment On A Monumental Scale

It's taken a lot of re-reads and a fair bit of time but, I am finally in position
where I am not only looking forward to playing Race For The Galaxy solo but, I also feel fairly confident so without constantly referencing the rulebook.

Much of the confusion arose as a result of the sheer mass of symbols that the game uses to denote it's functions. It's like trying to read hieroglyphs without a Rosetta Stone to hand. Not easy. Not by a long shot. I'm past that now though (thankfully). I'll still keep the rulebook to hand but, I now feel that I can muster enough basic vocab to order a coffee in a galaxy far far away and not be served with a rusted tin bucket by mistake. ;0).

So with this new knowledge under my belt, something that I thought might be fun would be to build whole empires from my play reports (which I also plan on sharing). It's something that I have done before when playing Munchkin, creating some weird and wonderful delvers, so why wouldn't it work on a galactic scale?

Will the people favor trade, politics, diplomacy or, military might? Let the cards decide.

The only factor that the cards won't really determine is ownership of the empire in question as Race For The Galaxy doesn't really go anyway towards covering such matters. Still, having an instant power block to throw into games like Starfaring and New Khazan seems like a pretty sweet deal.

Just add alien lifeforms. ;0).


  1. Very Cool - I have a few games with a daunting read ahead before playing: Lords of Waterdeep, Android, Level 7 Escape...

  2. I think we might have Android on our collective games shelf over here. We certainly have Netrunner and Infiltration.. So maybe Android. I've also had my eye on Level 7 Escape since I saw it at my FLGS. Sadly my current gaming budget is mostly made of pocket lint, so it may have to stay there for a while.. As will Relic (although I can get a sweet deal on the latter).

    I have no idea about Lords of Waterdeep though, so you'll certainly have to let me know how well it goes down at the gaming table. :0).