Sunday, 21 April 2013

An Amazing Response

Only three days in and my own personal quest has sent the hit count for this blog skyward and, evoked an amazing response, attracting well over a hundred hits a day all by itself!

Unfortunately though the book still remains a mystery. So I'm stepping the campaign up a notch, inspired by the actions of a friend.

He asked me if I'd like him to post up a request and a link on a gaming forum he's a member of but that I'm not and, I jumped at the chance. The forum itself was for miniature gaming but given the potential cross-overs it seemed viable that someone might know something.

The more people I ask, the more likely I am to get my answer I figure, so I also posted the quest up at Board Game Geek and, RPG Geek, spreading my net even wider.. Could you help though?

Are you a member of a gaming forum that might be able to help? Do you have a blog and could spare a few column inches? If so, could you post up a link to the original post there and a link to your post there, here as a comment? A bit of an ask I know but it would REALLY help spread the word.

As you can tell, I'm REALLY REALLY determined to find this book again.

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