Tuesday, 9 April 2013

At The Table: Adventures In Neopia / Flash Point / Pandemic / Power Grid

After commenting in my last post that as a gaming group, we've not really been doing much gaming, things have really exploded over the past few days.

Pandemic: A New Challenge

Despite being a new addition to games we play (along with all of the others in
this post to be fair), Pandemic has fast become a favorite at the games table. It's no surprise either, given that it has so much going for it. Easy to play, quick to learn, variable set-up and, a constant sense of challenge.

The challenge is the thing too. I have become quite tired of games where victory come all too easily and, have certainly set out to challenge myself more on the gaming front.. Which is probably why I have taken to Power Grid.

Power Grid

Building power plants and cities whilst investing in pipelines and raw materials
really doesn't sound like much of a game does it? Unless you're a telegraph pole enthusiast that is but, then again the theme of laying railway tracks isn't exactly riveting but, Ticket to Ride is a great game. So as long as you can put the theme aside, the immersion that this game can offer will likely bring you back time and time again.

The challenge level is just dandy too as you try to balance your finances over auctions, purchasing pipelines, cities and, natural resources. Although I could easily see that this game would bore the hind teeth off of a casual gamer, so this title certainly isn't for everyone.

Flash Point: Fire Rescue

On the complete flip-side of Power Grid, another game that is proving popular
at the table is Flash Point, which even at it's deepest level of complexity is still very welcoming to hardcore and casual gamers alike.

If I were to compare this game, I would most likely suggest that it is very similar to Castle Panic in feel as you play it (so no wonder I love it) and, an ideal addition to any group. Even groups that already own a copy of Castle Panic as despite the feel being very similar, the way the games play is worlds apart.

Adventures In Neopia

Last up at the table is one that was at my own personal gaming table only

It's not big, deep or, complicated but as regulars on the Neopets website, both the girlfriend and I have got a real kick out of this game. Even when I absolutely cheesed a victory. With 7 mini-games inside the main game, Adventures in Neopia is deeper than your standard roll and move.. But not by much. We had a giggle though. :0).

Would I recommend it? Yes, but despite it's simplicity, not for younger audiences as it does contain elements of gambling which I don't think is appropriate for children or young adults.

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