Sunday, 28 April 2013

On The Cards: Loot-O-Matic, But First An Intermission

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Well it looks like I have a new project on my hands with the Loot-O-Matic
series of posts, but before I get ahead of myself (as the weapons and armor tables promise to be a bit wee beasties) I thought I would stop and update you all on what I have in the pipeline for the blog.

Digital Dungeons: This feature will look at how dungeons in video-games stack up when you bring them to the tabletop. I'm still ironing out the details out on this one but I may go as far as converting several notable (to me at least) dungeons, getting them ready to run, before unleashing them upon my unsuspecting fellow gamers. ;0).

Geeks Do It Better: This one's already kicked off and the natural predecessor to DMotivational that has officially been retired (well, for now).

Going Solo: This is something that I have talked about more than once, as a lot of the gaming that I used to do used to be solitaire (it took a long time to find a local group and I was an only child). As a result of having time on my hands and solitaire / Co-Op games not being readily available, I got creative. I found ways of playing the games that I had and loved without another player. So taking the lessons and tricks that I learned as a child and teen I hope to make some of the other great games in my collection more accessible to other player that find themselves in the same boat as I was. 

Wandering Monster Stable: I gave a quick mention to this on the back end of my last Loot-O-Matic post. What I plan to do here is create a series of wandering monster tables that you can plug into any existing solitaire adventure that you happen to own, giving it a new lease of life. Each table will be themed to bring a different flavor to your adventure depending upon your particular tastes, with the first favoring one of my personal favorite classes of monster, the Undead!

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