Wednesday, 1 May 2013

A Few Good Reads

From talking about my blog to taking the time to talk about the blogs of others and, some of the fine posts (in no particular order) that have been entertaining me of late. If you have a moment, they are well worth checking out.

Adventures in the Wilderlands: A good write up by Ken Harrison of his most recent GURPS session told from the point of view of his Dwarven Fighter. I don't know nearly ehough about GURPS to say too much other than that it made for an entertaining read and, as a reader, surely that's all that should really matter.

The Adventure of Ulthor the Conjurer: Next up is another play through but one that strikes a little closer to home for me because not only is through a Tunnels and Trolls solo but, one that I happen to own and are yet to best.. Which is a fair description of anything beyond Buffalo Castle. Lol. At any rate it is an interesting insight into the Specialist Mage type and, how little being a Specialist Mage differs from being a Wizard in many respects early in your characters career (you're still likely to be turned into worm-food).

The adventure that Dan has chosen is an interesting one and, has left me itching to break out my copy again and give it a bash. Maybe with a Wizard of my very own. If the read through peaks your interest, you can pick up a copy yourself here.

A Brief History of GMing: Last but by no means least is Jerry Teleha's post over at The Delving Dwarf that takes you on a journey through his personal experiences as a GM. What worked, what didn't. Jerry is a very eloquent writer so you won't go far wrong with any of the stuff that he has posted, this particular entry however I felt was noteworthy.


  1. Thanks for the kudos. I am glad you enjoyed the post.

    1. You're welcome Ken. Credit where credit is due. :0).