Friday, 10 May 2013

Knightmare, Now Only Hours Away!

Since my last post I have been able to nail down some of the fine detail, thanks in no small part to the Knightmare fan page over at Farcebook.

Knightmare will be airing at 10:30 GMT (Challenge only originally gave us a time slot of somewhere between 10 and 11) and, will begin by showing season 1, episode 1. I had expected this but it's great to have it confirmed, making it very likely that they'll be showing all 4 seasons! :0).

If you're not familiar with Challenge, you can find it on Freeview channel 46, Virgin channels 139 and, Sky channel 145. If you're not lucky to have access to any of these services however, there are a lot of episodes to be found on Youtube, including this parody which I found quite entertaining.. Just don't watch it at work.

It does contain humor intended for mature audiences, although no actual maturity is needed to appreciate it. ;0).

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