Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Shipslam #1: Hobbit Hole #24

Shipslam? What is a "Shipslam"?
Cover art by Jeff Freels

Well as many of you in the Tunnels & Trolls fraternity will know, one of the biggest problems that your average troll faces isn't a maddened Dwarf with a bright orange mohawk, it's a mad hobbit. James Shipman (hence Shipslam) to put a name to the shame.

Not content with pirating the work of hard-working creatives, he also pillages the web for anything he can find of a Trollish nature to fill the pages of his now widely defunct magazine, The Hobbit Hole. No self respecting Troll would ever buy it but, respect has never really been a consideration of the party in question, so he pointlessly persists. Personally, we think it's just because he likes seeing his name in print.

So what is a Shipslam already!?

Shipslam is a new feature that is going to show you just where he has lifted "his" new material from. He wants you to pay for it, we want you to have it for free, just as the original author had intended. We also want all of his Internet traffic too, but one thing at a time. ;0). So without further ado, here it is, his original advert for The Hobbit Hole #24, with hyper-links directing you to all the original content, gratis. Enjoy!

T&T NEWS -- (NOW IN STOCK) The Hobbit Hole #24 (T&T Magazine). This huge 120+ page, 8-by-11 sized magazine is packed full of T&T goodies we know you will love. How could you not? This is the only full-sized T&T paper magazine being published today! REGULAR FEATURES: Of Hairy Feet and Taters... Editorial. T&T ARTICLES: The Creating Wizard – By Ken St. Andre, Writing T&T GM Adventures, Magic Items and Enchantments, A Monkey Throwing Stones at Monsters, Novels that remind you of T&T, New T&T Character Types:Barbarian / Marksman / Huntmaster / Starwatcher / Storyteller &Minstrel, New T&T Spells To Rule Them All – By Ken St. Andre, Dragon Parts, I Live In Geekdom, Solo Gaming Record Sheet, The Trollish Tribune – By Ken St. Andre, Shippy's Interview, Writing Solo Adventures – By Ken St. Andre, Miscellaneous House Rules. SOLO / GAMING: Shipy's Cheap Ass Old School ASCII Solo, The Great Forest [A T&T GM Adventure], Zombie Apocalypse [A T&T Solo], Rock Monster Mayhem and Roll [GM/Solo]. FICTION: Reborn From Ashes [A T&T Short Story]. COMICS / OTHER: Trollwood, Sprite Chaos, Misunderstanding, Lonely Walk, Limericks, C&C Ash the Rogue, New T&T Character Sheets. This new brand new magazine is now selling for-- PRICE: $13.00


  1. Looks like he swiped my 'Zombie Apocalypse' Solo as well...

  2. Here is the link for the 'Zombie Apocalypse' solo:


    1. It's THAT solo! I had no idea!

      I mean I can't say that I am surprised, it is him but, it does amaze me just how he thinks he could ever get away with it. I'll add the link into the post above Jerry and, thanks for the heads up.

    2. Yea - Your post triggered me to check out the source and while it is a grainy image, the dude did put my name on the cover...

      I would like to see how he filled in the missing 140 paragraphs

    3. Me too.

      Campus Chaos was a great game but the version publicly available on the blog was far from complete. I didn't realise that it was short by 140 paragraphs but, I doubted that the solo he listed would be this one for that very reason.. Again though, I should remember that this is Shipman.

      Knowing him, he's bodged loose ends together with a paragraph here and there and drastically downsized the adventure.

    4. Yup - I would imagine the same - choices remained as is when multiple paths occurred and maybe instead of 'choose', just 'go to' when it ended up as one option - funny stuff, sad, but funny

    5. It's a sad cop as I know how much effort you put into your work Jerry. I suppose the only silver lining is that behavior like this just goes to prove that the animosity that the Tunnels & Trolls community feels for him by and large is wholly justified.. Shipman being a hole of another description.

    6. Nice job Tom. Here are a couple more links to material stolen from the Trollbridge:

      Novels that remind you of T&T:

      Monster Mayhem:

      The cover is a piece by Jeff Freels.

      This is actually a standard practice by Shipman. Issues 19-24 have been pretty blatant about it, but if you go back to issue #1 it's all the same.

      If you want to add issues 19-23 to this list I'd be happy to help with the links.

  3. Thank you Dan, I have updated the post to reflect the new information that you have provided and, will try and find a copy of the cover to upload shortly.

    Any information that you could provide would be more than welcome as you can see I did miss a couple of items. I did see Monster Mayhem, which looks cool by the way, but wasn't too sure if it was the item in question. Knowing I'm not the only one thinking it though pretty much confirms it. The novels I completely missed though, so a big thank you there.

    Next up will be HH #23 (working my way backwards through them), so anything you can find regarding articles and material he has swiped for that issue would be excellent.