Sunday, 1 July 2012

Dungeonquest: The Legions of Hopefuls

One of my favorite games of all time would have to be Dungeonquest. With one of the most popular threads that seems to surround it on most forums being that of new heroes.

I believe that this is largely in part to the expectations of the fans upon a game set in the fantasy world of Terinoth. Again, arguably my favorite fantasy setting. Following in the footsteps of such miniature-rich games such as Descent, Runewars and, Runebound to only find a small handful of player characters in the box was sure to be a disappointment to most fans. True, these miniatures could be used in the other titles but that was hardly a solution (fair compensation granted but, no solution).

So what was a fan to do... Simple! I Frankenstiened together my own solution.

The Legions of Hopefuls is a small homebrew expansion knocked together in minutes for Dungeonquest 3rd Edition that allows you to play as one of the many nameless heroes that has dared to plunder the walls of Dragonfire Castle.

Unlike many approaches to character creation this method is completely random but, surprisingly balanced and has been designed with the dice variant for combat in mind.

To create a new character simply take 6D6 and roll them. Assign one dice to each attribute (Strength, Agility, Armor, and, Luck) and add 3 to it's value. Combine the last two dice results and add 8 to give you your Health value and, your character's good to go. Being nameless these heroes have no special rules attached to them but, I may develop this further in the future (should any return before nightfall).

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