Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Orks Don't Get to Have Nice Things

After months of ownership last night marked my first game of Warhammer: 40,000 with the Black Reach box set outside of Games Workshop and, boy did they ever make an epic fail in putting together that army list.

The Warband as it Stands

Out of the box the Ork player receives 20 Boyz, 5 Nobz, an Ork Warboss and, 3 Deff Koptas. From the word go this a poor selection for an Ork player with only 500ish points to spend on their force. It is perfectly understandable that Games Workshop would want to throw a wide variety of models into the box to attract new players but this really shouldn't come at the price of playability.

One Simple Tweak

Orks are by nature a 'horde' army and, those Deff Koptas whilst looking cool (and being limited edition) really have no place in such a small warband. In my personal opinion those 135 point would be much better spent on an additional 20 Boyz (coming in at only 130 points).

In gaming terms those 3 dice from the Deff Koptas (admittedly with re-rolls on misses). just became 20 dice. An amazing 60 for the first round of assault if you charge in (with Slugga Boyz)! Easily enough to bring some hurt to even the most hardened marines when you get up close and personal. Which is the point of playing Orks. Hit them hard, hit them fast and, shouting WAGGGGGHH!! a lot.


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