Wednesday, 4 July 2012

The Games Workshop Picture Book... Oh Sorry, I Mean White Dwarf #391

And from that half-arsed attempt at humor to a half-arsed excuse for a magazine.

Picking up my copy of White Dwarf this month it has to be fair to say that I wasn't exactly going to be flabbergasted if i found them showcasing material for 6th Edition given it's recent release. They're a business after all, so selling themselves is what they're going to do. Imagine then my surprise to find virtually nothing on the whole affair inside. With that surprise only being surpassed by my disgust at the lack of content in general.

All-in-all I reckon that the text of this 120 page magazine could be happily broken down into 10-15 pages, with fair chunks of that being promotional fluff. But what of the other 105-110 pages? Pictures. Picture after picture of what the staff have been painting.

Now, whilst i take a passing interest in the works of others, taking inspiration here and there, i really don't need more than 100 pages in one magazine dedicated to showcasing what have frankly become sub-par paint jobs (when compared to the paint jobs of old).

In fairness I don't doubt for a second that most of the staff painters could dry brush me into a oblivion but, my eyes work just fine and standards are definitely slipping.

Just pop into your local store (because there is always a free copy knocking about and you REALLY don't want to buy this issue) and check out the shoddy Necrons on pages 44 and 45. Now compare those to the paint jobs on the new releases at the bottom of page 11. I'm not wrong am I?

Yet the frankly shameful effort gets a double page spread and, the stunning work only a relative footnote. Add to that the blur on many of the photos throughout (probably covering up more bodged brush strokes) in what is to all intents and purposes a picture book and you end up with utter crap. Over 100 pages of utter crap in fact.

My advice. If you haven't bought it, don't.

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