Friday, 20 July 2012

On The Cards: Friday 20th July

Next week will see a theme running through the majority of my posts and, that theme is Tunnels and Trolls.

Despite being the second oldest roleplaying game in existence and, a lot of the mechanics within it being adopted by other popular systems this little gem seems almost damned to toil in obscurity.

For example, Tunnels and Trolls was the first system ever to introduce solitaire adventures for gamers without active groups but, when we talk about solos Fighting Fantasy and Choose Your Own Adventure are without a shadow of a doubt the first things that come to mind.

Take my word for it. Fighting Fantasy is good and has brought me many hours of pleasure over the years but, Tunnels and Trolls is better.

Need convincing? Stay tuned as there will be plenty of links to Tunnels and Trolls freebies, as well as a look at what's on offer for those willing to shell out a couple of dollars.

Coming up next week on the blog:

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